Enemy or Lover

Zach was a bad boy, he was also JJ's enemy. What happens when Zach starts her school? When events keep bringing them together, will their hatred turn into something else, like love?


6. He Knows My Secret

Zach went to throw more food over me, so I dodged like he did, and it went over Mr Thomson, again. His face was red with anger. " You two, my office, NOW! "

Me and Zach walked to his office, not saying a word to each other, I can't believe I'm in trouble because of him! I could tell from Zach's facial expression that he was angry, why did he still have to look sexy? We went to his office and sat down. Mr Thomson came in in a new suit, of course. He sat down and glared at us," Now, why did you fight?" Zach spoke before I could, " she came in and started shouting at me and next thing I know, I'm covered in spaghetti!" " yeah right! You know why I was shouting!" I exclaimed. " The point is, she started it." He told Mr Thomson. " You sound like a 4 year old." I retorted. " Who came in and threw food about the place?" He asked. " Who threw it back?" I retaliated. " all this 'cause I read your stupid diary!" He shouted. I stood up furiously, "Stupid? Those were my deepest thoughts, my secrets!" "So one of your deepest thoughts and secrets were, oh Matt is so handsome, sexy and he cares? Look how that backfired!" I felt myself blushing. " Those weren't the only things I wrote about!" Zach replied, " Trust me, I noticed." I could feel myself paling. " You read everything?"

No, he can't have, I had some really personal stuff in there... "Yeah..." Zach paled also. I charged him, " How could you? No one knows about that, except my family! You had no right to read all that!" By this time I was punching and slapping him, Mr Thomson had to pull me away, and hold me down on my chair. " It's obvious, you both have very serious issues with each other, and there is only one thing to do." I looked up at him, I knew what he was going to do. " You will both have detention together every day after school for two weeks. Starting tomorrow." I hate Mr Thomson. " Oh and you will both come and see me every week so I can see what progress you are making. You are free to leave." I bolted out, I couldn't stand to look at Zach anymore.

I found the nearest bathroom, I thought I would be sick, thinking of the secrets he read, one in particular...

I went home that day, and saw Anna was still there, I was still not talking to her. "JJ, please talk to me." She begged. " Ok, your brother is an evil, lying, betraying, bastard, and I hate him. I hate you too for not telling me he was moving to my school!" I stormed up to my room, and I sat down and cried. My friends kept calling but, I ignored them. Zach knew the secret that made me have nightmares, I would wake up screaming at night, and he knew why.

Later that night, I heard a knocking on the door, " go away." I told them. The door opened and Zach entered. As soon as I saw his face I got up and ran at him. I tackled him to the ground and started hitting, punching and kicking him. He grabbed me and rolled us over, so he was on top of me. "Calm down! Jeez, you should see a mental health doctor!" At this I started pushing again, but no use, he was stronger. " Just hear me out!" I stopped thrashing about and lay still, " I'm sorry, ok? I didn't mean to read all your secrets. I didn't think you would have such personal stuff in it." " Of course I did! It was a diary! Dumbass." I spat. " The point is I'm sorry, and I wanted you to know that." "Can you get of me now?" I asked irritated. He got up and offered his hand, but I didn't take it. I was going back to bed, when he grabbed my arm sending tingles through it. "Am I forgiven?" He asked. Should I forgive him?" I don't know..." I whispered. He looked disappointed, but what did he expect? " I made food, if that helps?" This got me excited, but I didn't show it." What sort of food?" He grinned, " Pancakes." " Do they happen to be chocolate chip?" He looked shocked. " how did you know?" I smiled, " I know the smell of my favourite pancakes, even though they smell really bad." " We'll see." He said and we went downstairs. When we were at the bottom the front door came flying open, and Jake charged Zach and shouted,"WHAT DID YOU DO? WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER?"

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