Enemy or Lover

Zach was a bad boy, he was also JJ's enemy. What happens when Zach starts her school? When events keep bringing them together, will their hatred turn into something else, like love?


5. Food Fight

I went upstairs, changed and got my diary, I hadn't wrote in it for months. I opened it at the last page I wrote in and saw three words, Zach was here :) I can't believe it, Zach had read my diary.

Zach Smith is a dead man. Last night he was so... I can't believe I'm going to say this, he was sweet. Ugh. I'm going to kill him!

I'm at school, but Zach has been avoiding me, it's lunch and I saw him go to the canteen. Leah, Sam and I were headed towards the canteen, when Matt came to talk to us, his face was pale and he kept rubbing his head, which probably meant he had headache. He had a hangover, just what I wanted. " hey babe," he didn't remember, oh great. " first, don't call me babe, and second, what's on your arm?" We were all smirking except Matt. " Nothing, what's wro-" I grabbed his arm, and let go after a second," oh, this was just the thing I wrote last night, at the party." His reaction was priceless, " what? What party?" Did he actually just lie? " you know, the one last night, where I walked in on you sleeping with Brittany, then I dumped you, wrote on your arm, hid your clothes, drew on your face and shaved your eyebrows? Then again, you were drunk of your ass, so I'm not surprised you don't remember." My friends were stifling laughs, but I was way too angry to laugh. " what? That was you? I can't get those horns off my head!" He pulled his fringe up and I saw the devil horns, " That's good because they belong there, and most guys would apologise for cheating on there girlfriends!" I went to walk away when I heard, " the only reason I cheated was because I wasn't getting any ass from you! A guy needs what he needs!" I turned around, walked up to him and kneed him in the balls. " that's were you are wrong, you're not a guy, you're a monster! I'm glad I never slept with you, you dick! " I shouted, I was aware some people were recording this, like it was a tv show. " too bad you didn't get to see it!" He shouted at me. " Do you have one? It was so small I didn't notice!" I retorted, then I walked away like a boss. Now it's time for Zach...

I saw him as soon as I got to the canteen, not because he was the hottest guy there, ( even though he was) it's because as soon as he saw me he tried to walk away. You aren't getting away that easily. I looked around most people were eating spaghetti, cake and milkshakes, perfect. "Zach!" I shouted, all heads turned, I heard some people whispering things like," this is her second fight today!" Or " wow this guy is so dead." They were right, he was. Zach turned to face me, " hey, what's wrong?" "What's wrong is you read my diary," I didn't shout since I didn't want the whole school to know that I had a diary. " what? Oh." " yeah oh, I can't believe you!" I shouted. " That was months ago!" He retorted. " I don't care! You still read it!" I lifted a plate of spaghetti, and told the person I was sorry, before throwing it over Zach. " I don't care what I did, but you can't throw food on me!" He shouted. " Oops, I just did." I smirked, until a milkshake was thrown over me. "Aaahhh!" I screamed, I lifted cake and walked towards him, pushing the pie in his face, he dodged at last minute so it hit, the last person it should have, Mr Thomson. Zach went to throw more food over me, so I dodged like he did, and it went over Mr Thomson, again. His face was red with anger. " You two, my office, NOW! "

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