Searching for love
Looking for you
Finding my one true love
My future end

Wanting someone to say I love you
Needing someone to stay with me
Finding someone to stand by me
Needing more than a friend

Wanting so much to love only you
Giving you pleasure and delight
Always there for you
Just to see your smile

You bring such joy to my soul
Much happiness to me
So much tender love
What more could I want?

The precious minutes with you
Are the happiest in my life
To hear your love for me
Burns me to the core

No matter what happens
You will never be alone
My sweet darling
I am yours alone


6. Love Hurts

I heard stories about love

Some good some bad

But I held on too tight

Almost lost you instead


My heart almost got broken

Just a chance I took

But I learned from you

Love hurts


Mistakes we all make

It's never too late

Don't worry about people

And what they will say


My chance is with you

I'm in love and not alone

Love does hurt

But I can forgive


Never will I forget

When vision creeps in

You with someone else

I won't forget


My friend's said let him go

I think they are wrong

I will always love you

Love hurts


Hold on I will

I build my trust with you

i could never get over you

So my commitment is too you


I won't carry a scar

My heart is with you

That won't change

I just want to stay with you

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