Searching for love
Looking for you
Finding my one true love
My future end

Wanting someone to say I love you
Needing someone to stay with me
Finding someone to stand by me
Needing more than a friend

Wanting so much to love only you
Giving you pleasure and delight
Always there for you
Just to see your smile

You bring such joy to my soul
Much happiness to me
So much tender love
What more could I want?

The precious minutes with you
Are the happiest in my life
To hear your love for me
Burns me to the core

No matter what happens
You will never be alone
My sweet darling
I am yours alone


5. Beginning

You kill me with your eyes

But you make me alive


If you close the door

Another will open


Your my beginning

I am your ending


Give us a chance

Before you say goodbye


Another word is spoken

With another hello


If I face you

I shall smile


When you look at me

I see the sun in your face


With a shadow on my back

Because you're my mirror


I have something to do

If you want to see me


I don't pretend to care for you

I really do love you


To My Darling Adnane ABBA

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