The One

This is a story about Ashton falling in love with a girl that he bumped into at the park. Warning!! There is a lot of sex that will go on in here!!! 16+ please!



I was walking in the park one day when I bumped into a tall good looking guy.

He looked up at me "hey I'm sorry, I'm Ashton." "It's fine, I'm Aimee." I felt my self start to blush. He looked and me and laughed a little. "What's so funny?" I asked. "You" said Ashton.

We started to walk with each other. He stopped me and asked me if I wanted to hang out sometime.

"Of course I would love to hang out." He smiled at me and said "so I'll pick you up tomorrow night." "Sounds great I'll be ready." We started walking some more and he asked for my phone number. So I gave it to him.

"Hey I have to go I'll text you later." He looked kinda upset that I had to go. "Okay see you soon."

I got home and my mom was yelling at something "you fucking bitch!" I'm guessing she's yelling at my sister. (Yes I have a sister named Megan.) I walked in the house. "Hey what's wrong now?!" "Your stupid ass bitch sister is pregnant!!"

Whoa I didn't know what to think she was the good girl in the family. "Your kidding me right!?!?" "NO!" "Okay well mom I'll let you deal with her am in gonna go take a shower."

I got out my phone and texted Ashton. He replied really quickly. The text said "hey! I thought you would never text me!" Witch I Lisa wasn't but I really like he so yeah I did.

The next text said "so what's up beautiful?" I started to freak out HE JUST CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL OMFG!!!

I texted back "umm nothing much just got home about to take a shower." It took him a long time to answer so by the time he did answer I was already in the shower.

He texted back "oh damn that's hot ;) " i started to freak out again. "Yeah uhh i guess." By the time i was done taking my shower i was ready to go to bed i was so tired.

I texted Ashton saying "good night handsome."

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