The One

This is a story about Ashton falling in love with a girl that he bumped into at the park. Warning!! There is a lot of sex that will go on in here!!! 16+ please!


4. sex!!

Our kisses depend and I started to let out little moans. He grabbed my ass and boobs. I sat on his lap facing him. I slowly felt him get harder and harder.

He started to moan a little. We stopped kissing and he picked me up as took me to his room. He laid me down on his bed.

He started taking off me shirt and started kissing his was done to my pants.he looked up at me as if he was asking if he could take them off. I looked at him and bit my lip.

He stared taking off My pants. And he started kissing my inner thighs. I started to moan a little. "Ashton please just fuck me already!" And that's exactly what he did. He fucked me hard and fast. "Mmmm baby faster!" As we reached our heights we both stated moaning a lot. He pulled out just in time.

Baby you felt so good. There are so many things going on I'm my head right now. Are we dating or no? We laid in bed for a long time. He started to kiss me on the forehead. He looked at me and said "i really need to get you home" "okay yeah" i said.

We got dressed and headed to his car. It was kinda quiet on the way home. We got to my house and I looked at Ashton and smiled and said thanks for the best nigh ever.


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