Fairy tales

Fairy tales is a part of every childhood. But in my case, it followed further than childhood. I'm 17 now, and I still love them. My mom used to read them out loud, until I was five, and... well, she weren't there anymore. The only thing I have left from her, is these stories.

But what if, some day I recognized some object from my stories? It sounds crazy, but I swear, it happened. A white tail and a big pocketwatch chasing after it, and I think it said something about being late. Would you follow it? I did. I was curious. One of my stories had gotten real. But I definitely didn't believe that I would fall. Deeper and deeper. I couldn't tell when it would end, but I could tell when it began.


5. Under Water

I fell. It felt like 10 feet until I hit the surface. I looked down, and saw I no more had legs. I had a tail. A fish tail. Not like the ones you see in movies. This was more of a grey colour, and with fins along the back. It was slimy, but not necessarily disgusting. I tried it out. I sliced the water, and I got kinda afraid of the thought of if I wouldn't be able to stop, but it was as easy as starting.

I started exploring the ocean. It was big. Really big. I would definitely not be able to find my way back. But who cared? I didn't know anything here, and I had nothing to go back to. This was amazing.

I could see something glitter behind a enormous rock. I looked behind it. A great castle appeared. It was beautiful. So beautiful I was about to cry. Well, if it was possible under water. "SISTER!" A voice shouted, and knocked me over. She hugged me tightly, and asked: "So... How was it?" I took a look at the mermaid asking me. Her hair was brown, and deep blue eyes. She actually looked quite like me. But my hair was darker, my eyes were light blue and her tail was moreover a very dark green colour. A wild guess, but I think she must've been my sister. Still, I had to play along. But I was not sure which part, so I had to play surprised as well. That part wasn't hard, cause I really was surprised. "How was what?" "Above water, silly." "Oh, yeah, right. It.. it was..." Shit. I had to make something up. What would the little mermaid say? "It was amazing! The world above it so fantastic, I have to get up there again!" A total lie. The surface sucks! I mean... I have a freaking tail! I can breathe under water! This, is amazing. "I knew it! I wish I could swim to the surface," she mumbled. I had to chear her up, but without crashing her image of the surface. "Soon," I mumbled. "What?" She asked. "Soon," I smiled my biggest smile. "You will soon be able to swim with me up there." "Yeah, you promis?" She looked at me with big asking eyes. "Sure!" "Pinky promise?" I rose my pinky finger. "Pinky promise." She gave me a big hug, which I of cause returned. I'd like to have a sister. I had a little brother, but he was a pain. Well, I kinda missed Shawn as well.

"PAAAAALM!" A deep voice surrounded us. "Wups... Actually... I can't be here. Daddy is already mad, he thinks I'm out here, with you. Which I am, but... Yeah, I have to swim. See ya' later, sis."

I looked up. The water had a shade of dark blue. It was probably night. I thought a little about it. Wait... Night meant... STARS! There were no lights here, so I would be able to see the milky way clearly! I swam to the surface. The sky was clear and beautiful. I could stay here forever!

Suddenly I could hear music. I looked around and saw a ship. My curiosity was way beyond stopping. I quietly swam closer.

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