Fairy tales

Fairy tales is a part of every childhood. But in my case, it followed further than childhood. I'm 17 now, and I still love them. My mom used to read them out loud, until I was five, and... well, she weren't there anymore. The only thing I have left from her, is these stories.

But what if, some day I recognized some object from my stories? It sounds crazy, but I swear, it happened. A white tail and a big pocketwatch chasing after it, and I think it said something about being late. Would you follow it? I did. I was curious. One of my stories had gotten real. But I definitely didn't believe that I would fall. Deeper and deeper. I couldn't tell when it would end, but I could tell when it began.


8. The red hood


Something tickled my neck. The air was fresh. I opened my eyes, and saw a clear, blue sky. I was here again. 'The little red riding hood'. But why was I here again? I had no ideas of where I was. There was no trace of the village or grandma's house.'There! There it was again! The white flash. The rabbit!' I ran after it. I ran until I couldn't catch my breath anymore.I stopped. I was surrounded by flowers. It was beautiful. Colours, further than I could see. A sharp pain went trough my shoulder. 'What was that?'  I could hear something, that sounded like wings moving up and down. I looked up. A black crowd of crows were flying right above me. One bird started diving towards me. Before I could even react, another pain went through my leg. 'They were attacking me!' I had to get away! As soon I started running towards the forest, more birds started diving. They were coming from all sides, I didn't stand a change. And the closer I got to the forest, the further it seemed to move away. It was impossible. I stopped and sat down, covering my head with my arms, so the birds only could cut my back.
Suddenly they stopped. Why? I looked up, and saw a shadow running towards me. He had ears like a dog, and a fury tail. His coat was made out of some kind of fur. But I couldn't see who it was. As he came closer, I realised that it was that guy again.  'Are you kidding me! He's suppose to be the wolf this time! I really had to get away!' I tried to get up, but one of my legs was like paralyzed. I couldn't get up.

He threw himself at me. "NO!" It was the first time he was really up close, without kissing me. His hair was dark, almost black. He looked older up close. About my age, I think. "Get us out of here. Concentrate! Anything! But hurry up!" Wait, what? His face was showing panic and desperation. "What are you talking about?!" "You're the only one, who can get us out of here. Haven't you noticed? Every time you fall asleep, concentrate or go through a door, you end up in another wold, and apparently I go with you. So, I beg of you. Get us out of here, I beg of you." Was he 'begging' me for real? But he was right. We had to get away, and if he was telling the truth... Well, this was kinda our only option, so I had to try.

I closed my eyes, and tried focusing on entering another wold. But I was scared. I couldn't focus. I felt something warm dripping on my chin. I opened my eyes, and looked into a face distorted in pain. The fur on his back had turned red of blood. 'Was he protecting me?' "What's wrong? Why aren't you changing world." He even had trouble speaking properly. "I... I can't." My voice was shaking. "I don't know how to. I'm too scared. I can't focus properly, I... I'm sorry!" He was shaking all over. His breathing was becoming abnormal. "No," he was really having trouble breathing. "I'm sorry." 'What do you mean by you being sorry?' I didn't even have time thinking about it, before I found out what he meant. But this kiss was different from the ones before. He was gentle. A warm feeling filled my body. I wasn't scared anymore, I could focus. Until... The kiss changed. He became impatient. One of the crows had cut him deeply in his spine. He was rough again. I didn't like it, and I wanted him of. 'I'd rather be chopped to death by the crows, than this again!'  I tried pushing him of, but his weight overpowered my strength. I could feel the darkness sneaking up again. I couldn't breathe properly. Then the darkness completely surrounded me. 

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