Fairy tales

Fairy tales is a part of every childhood. But in my case, it followed further than childhood. I'm 17 now, and I still love them. My mom used to read them out loud, until I was five, and... well, she weren't there anymore. The only thing I have left from her, is these stories.

But what if, some day I recognized some object from my stories? It sounds crazy, but I swear, it happened. A white tail and a big pocketwatch chasing after it, and I think it said something about being late. Would you follow it? I did. I was curious. One of my stories had gotten real. But I definitely didn't believe that I would fall. Deeper and deeper. I couldn't tell when it would end, but I could tell when it began.


1. Prologe

I bet you all love fairy tales. The memories from your parents reading the book out loud, and your imagination floating and creating pictures of all the stories. It's beautiful... a child's imagination. There's no limits of how far it can stretch.

Do you remember how much you wanted to be a part of this fantastic world? I do.

I've always loved fairy tales. Mermaids, fairies, princesses, princes, kingdoms and magic, all of it. My mom read for me every night before bed, but... then she was gone. I was crushed. My mom had been taken away by one of the stories. I saw it myself! But... no one believed me, and slowly, I started to doubt myself as well.

Then I got older, and as soon as I could read myself, I could stay in my room for hours and read the same stories again and again, and the pictures were never the same. I could imagine Cinderella in a million different ways, or the little mermaid, even the swan princess. All kinds of characters. It kept me close to mom. I could feel her presents every time I read. I so burningly wished to be a part of every little story. To experience it all as the main character. But... I never imagined, that I was right about mom's disappearance, that I would experience it myself and I would have to be my own hero.

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