Fairy tales

Fairy tales is a part of every childhood. But in my case, it followed further than childhood. I'm 17 now, and I still love them. My mom used to read them out loud, until I was five, and... well, she weren't there anymore. The only thing I have left from her, is these stories.

But what if, some day I recognized some object from my stories? It sounds crazy, but I swear, it happened. A white tail and a big pocketwatch chasing after it, and I think it said something about being late. Would you follow it? I did. I was curious. One of my stories had gotten real. But I definitely didn't believe that I would fall. Deeper and deeper. I couldn't tell when it would end, but I could tell when it began.


3. A Rabbit's Tale

The bell rang. I didn't move  from my spot. I simply just grabbed my book and started reading. But today, most of the class apparently decided to stay inside, even though the weather was great. It was noisy, and I had forgotten my headphones.

I went outside to my secret spot. I could hear the birds out here. Why hadn't I done this a long time ago?

Something white caught my eye. I looked up. A rabbit? I closed by book, and studied the bush closer. A white object jumped right towards my face. I fell backwards, and opened my eyes, just to see something odd. A watch? Now it had caught my attention. I ran after the white tail. It was a watch! It was like 'Alice in wonderland'! This was so exciting! I was running so fast, that I didn't notice the rabbit jumped into a big whole. I just stopped in time, for not falling into it. The bell rang again. But this was one lifetime opportunity, and with my curious mind, I had to go in.

It was so dark. I couldn't even see my own hand, and just like that, there were no more ground. My brain didn't react fast enough, so I fell down. Deeper and deeper. When would it stop? A tiny light were to see further down. That must be the end then! But no. It was one of those old lamps. I grabbed it, and turned up for the light. It seemed unaffected of the fact that we were falling, and soon I understood why. There were no gravity. Furniture and objects were flying around, and I was falling past them. It was like gravity only affected me. How come? I looked down, and saw my comfortable trousers, now had turned into a dress. A very blue dress. Like those you wear for a tea party. "When did I change clothes?" I asked myself out loud. I wondered if the rabbit fell as well as me?

Suddenly the blue dress's skirt went big, like a ballon. I slowly wafted down, like a leaf, until I hit something tough. A light turned on, and I was in a big hall. There were a table, with a key. Beside it was a box with a note. 'Eat me', it said. Was I dreaming? This was exactly like 'Alice in Wonderland'. I pinched myself. "Auch!" Okay, I didn't sleep. What the hell was this? If this really was the world of 'Alice in Wonderland', there had to be a door somewhere. There! If it talked, I'd believe all this. Maybe go out of my mind. But I'd believe it. I pulled the doorknob. "AUCH!" It yelled. I flew backwards. "Do you always pull someone's nose?" It asked. "N... no, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were alive," I stuttered. "Alive! Of cause I'm alive! But I accept your apology." "Thank you." I sighed. "Can you open?" "No, I cannot!" I was kinda offended now. "Why no!?" "Because I'm locked, you silly girl." He was laughing. What a rude door! I looked at the key. I was way too big to get though the door. Even if I opened it. I wonder... Could the little box contain one of the small cakes which shrunk you? I had to try it. I opened the box, and just as predicted, it contained an amount of cakes. 'Small', it said. Just as I was about to take a bite. I remembered the trouble Alice had. She had forgotten the key at the table. But if I just took it in my hand, it would be way too heavy to carry. So I unlocked the door at first, and then ate the cake. It all went from big to enormous. I was half the size of the table. Just the right size to get though the door, with no problems. The bright light met my eyes. I could only see a white tail and a pocketwatch hanging from a vest. I walked towards the light.

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