Better Together ~ Shawn Mendes

Maybe that's the problem with everyone. We give up. To easily. But . . . that's just the thing, isn't it? Giving up is easy. It's easy to walk away. It's easy to not face the problem. It's easy to not fight. It's so damn easy.
And I have the same fault.
"shawn, I love you. And I know you love me. But this was never going to work and I'm sorry that this has to be this way. I love you and I hope you find a way to be happy some day; to find someone who can make you happy. But for now you need to be a father, and a boyfriend, to someone that isn't me." I choke out finally.


5. the chance of a lifetime

Bries pov*

"Brie I -" she looks at my face, sighs. "Oh alright. Fine."

I scream with joy.

"YES, YES, YAASS!! OMG, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!" I scream. She nods her head, rolling her eyes, amused.

"Uh-huh. I know." I pull out my phone and text shawn to say that I can go. He responds with just as much excitement as I did, telling me the date and time for my flight.

I'm going on tour with all of the MAGCON boys. This is the opportunity of a lifetime! And I'm living it.




I'm back home now ,but not for long. I pack up everything I will need for the next 2 months on tour. By the time 9:00pm rolls around I'm done packing. Which is good because my plane leaves at 8:00am tomorrow morning so I need to be up early.


"Brie ! Wake up you have a plane to catch!" I groan in response. I hear my mom sigh. "You won't get to go on the MAGCON tour if you miss your flight." she appeases. I bolt up in bed, stumbling to get dressed in the half-light of morning, my eyes still half closed.

15 minutes later it's time to go and I'm half asleep on the floor. My mom nudges me with her foot and I start getting up and walking out to the car.

"There will be plenty of time to sleep on the plane." my mom mentions. I nod and stare out the window. The airport is unusually jam-packed seeing as how it's 6:45am. I step out of the car, pulling my suitcases behind me.




I have officially landed in Miami, Florida. I'm meeting the boys at front pick up so I grab my luggage and head that way. I see shawn first, I run and jump, hugging him tightly. And all of a sudden we're kissing. I'm not sure if it was me or him that initiated the kiss, but it doesn't really matter. We stand there - well, more like he stands there - holding me closely, kissing my lips gently yet insistent; and I barely even notice the whooping of the other guys. Barely. We pull away to soon, I thought it was to soon, and he sets me down, looking at me.

"Wow. Hi." he says, breathless. I laugh softly.

"Hey." he grabs my hand and we walk over to the other guys who ruffle Matts hair and pats his back.

"Looks like shawnie has a girly-friend!" Nash shouts. I laugh, this is my life for the next 2 months so I guess I'd better get used to it. . . . that shouldn't be to hard though . . . . ;)




The rest of the guys are in Nash and Cameron's room, but me and shawn are in his room just talking . . . . okay and kissing a little bit. But nothing major, I mean, we're not even "together;together"! And shawn would never make me do anything I didn't want to do. He leans in to kiss me again and I laugh.

"shawn, that's the 5th time you've kissed me in the past 2 minutes." I say, controlling my giggles. He frowns.

"Do you not like my kisses?" he asks, pretending to be hurt. I roll my eyes, leaning in to his tempting lips.

"Of course I love your kisses." he's the one laughing this time, and I just sigh in contempt. He perks up.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" he asks excitedly. I smile,

"Sure, lets watch The little mermaid!" I exclaim. He frowns.

"No, I wanna watch Bambi." he insists.

"To bad. I'm the lady in this situation so I get to pick!"

"What if I want to be the lady in this situation?" he questions seriously. I laugh.

"I can tell you right now you don't want to eh a lay at all"

We end up watching The little mermaid, cause I won that argument obviously.

And for the second time I fall asleep cuddled next to shawn. Except this time I'm aware that it's actually shawn, and not a pillow.

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