Better Together ~ Shawn Mendes

Maybe that's the problem with everyone. We give up. To easily. But . . . that's just the thing, isn't it? Giving up is easy. It's easy to walk away. It's easy to not face the problem. It's easy to not fight. It's so damn easy.
And I have the same fault.
"shawn, I love you. And I know you love me. But this was never going to work and I'm sorry that this has to be this way. I love you and I hope you find a way to be happy some day; to find someone who can make you happy. But for now you need to be a father, and a boyfriend, to someone that isn't me." I choke out finally.


3. snap out of it

Bries pov*


My mom meets us outside and she can tell by our ultra-happy faces that something's up. She shoots me a questioning look,

"What happened? Why do you look so happy?" she says.

"Why can't I just be happy ? I mean, I just met my idols, so why can't I just be happy?" I ask her. She sighs,

"You're not just happy, you're like majorly happy; and I figured you would be mad that it's over." she explains. I shrug,

"Who said it was over?" she looks at me,

"What?" she says simply. I sigh dreamily,

"shawn invited Jenna and I to come hang out at their hotel later today!" I squeal happily. She just looks at me, "What?" I ask her.

". . . . . I don't know Brie ."

"What do you mean you don't know?! I'm going to hang out with my idols! What don't you understand?!" I say, almost shouting.

"Don't use that tone with me! I don't know if I should let you hang out in a hotel room with a bunch of guys that are all older than you!"

"shawn is 16, he isn't older than me." I state, matter-of-factly. She rolls her eyes,

"You know what I mean Brie ! I suppose you can go, but only if you and Jenna stay with um, Maggie, no that's not it, uh . . . ?"

"Mahogany . . . . ?" I ask. She nods, snapping her fingers,

"That's it! Stay with Mahogany!"

"Okay, okay . . ."

"I mean it Brie !"

"I know!" Jenna and I dig through our suitcases and find our outfits. Jenna gets in the room. Once we're both ready we run down and hail a cab, I mean, the boys' hotel room is only a few blocks away; we get there in about 5 minutes. We practically jump out of the taxi and run through the doors. I see shawn standing in the lobby, looking like he's lost something, but as soon as he sees me his eyes light up.

We run over to him and I hug him,

"Hey shawn!" I say smiling widely. He smiles,

"Hey Brie , I missed you." he says, blushing a little. I stare at him with a smile on my face. He looks concerned and asks, "Um, Brie , are you okay? You look a little purple." Oops, I stopped breathing. I laugh shakily,

"Oh yeah, I'm fine." I say, he nods, turning to lead us onward, I call his name causing him to turn around, "And uh, shawn?" he looks at me expectantly, "I uh, I missed you too." he smiles at me, grabbing my hand in his. I blush terribly, but hold on tight. I can see Jenna out of the corner of my eye, pop her head up. I glance in front of us and see Nash, Cameron, and hayes all standing in the hallway, covered in some sort of food; challenges. What are ya gonna do? Jenna runs and hugs Cam, getting herself covered in the food too. He laughs, hugging her back. I quickly take out my phone, snapping a picture of this super cute moment. Finally she pulls away and shawn and I walk into the hotel room, Jenna follows and immediately goes into the bathroom to wipe off as much of the food as possible; whilst Nash, Cameron, and Hayes go off to shower. If she didn't have some pride, Jenna would've probably begged to go with Cameron.

shawn sits on the bed and I sit next to him, I've been staring at him, like, the whole time so I'm just now noticing the other 7 people in the room. I wave, and all 7 of them wave back. I take the time to notice everyone who's here; matt, Aaron, Taylor, Jack G, Jack J, Carter and Mahogany. Obviously Matt is sitting right next to me, and Cameron, Nash, and Hayes are off showering somewhere - I mean, not, somewhere, they're in a hotel room, but not this one,

"Who's the chick?" Taylor asks nodding at me. I blush just as Jenna comes out of the bathroom,

"This is Brie, and that's Jenna." shawn introduces. Taylor nods,

"Hey, were you at the meet and greet? You look familiar." Carter asks. matt nods his head,

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I saw you in the crowd while we were performing." he adds. Jenna nods,

"Yeah, we were. You were all great. I mean, better than great, not just great, amazing, you were like really, really, um -" I save her from getting even more awkward,

"Great. What she means to say, is that you were great." I say. She shoots me a thankful look, her whole face red as a tomato. Everyone just laughs and nods, muttering 'thanks'.

Cameron, Nash, and Hayes all walk in a little later, all freshly showered; looking smexy as ever. We all just lounge around, chilling, and talking. It's really comfortable and I feel like I've known all of them my whole life, or at least, most of it. Jenna on the other hand, the poor girl, is acting so awkward I kinda just want to slap her and yell, "Snap out of it dude! He's just a normal guy! Stop acting like you're high!". But I don't, cause she'd probably kill me; but looking at her now, I think it might be worth it. She's practically drooling as Cam tries to make small talk, just nodding, and shaking her head to answer any questions. I abruptly stand up,

"Jenna? Hallway? Now." I instruct, walking out before waiting for a reply. A few seconds later she joins me,

"What?" she asks me. I sigh, doing a mental face palm, then think, eh, what the heck, and do a legit face palm. "What?" she questions again.

"You know I hate to be the one to say this but, you are acting like a total idiot." I say. She gives me a dirty look. I decide to try a different tactic, one I thought of earlier, "Snap out of it!" I shout, slapping her in the face, "He's just a normal guy! Stop acting like you're high!" she looks so shocked and slightly appalled, that I burst into a fit of laughter, almost falling on the floor. That was really fun - way to much fun. I wipe tears from my eyes and catch her glaring at me, but I can tell she's trying not to smile. "Oh come on. It was funny as heck and you know it." I accuse. A smile breaks out on her face and her previously crossed arms fall to her sides,

"Fine, I'll stop acting high. But jeez, Brie, it's Cameron freaking Dallas!" she whisper-shouts. I nod, laughing,

"Tell me about it. Believe me, I totally know."

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