Better Together ~ Shawn Mendes

Maybe that's the problem with everyone. We give up. To easily. But . . . that's just the thing, isn't it? Giving up is easy. It's easy to walk away. It's easy to not face the problem. It's easy to not fight. It's so damn easy.
And I have the same fault.
"shawn, I love you. And I know you love me. But this was never going to work and I'm sorry that this has to be this way. I love you and I hope you find a way to be happy some day; to find someone who can make you happy. But for now you need to be a father, and a boyfriend, to someone that isn't me." I choke out finally.


2. hi, um,I'm,hi

Bries pov*

Today was the day. I was going to meet my idol, my true love, my everything. And I really don't care if I'm being over dramatic because I'm meeting shawn mendes!!! Jenna spent the night last night and we prepared all of our posters, cards, drawings, letters, etc., etc. We were ready.

I got changed quickly into the outfit Chloe had advised and did a double check everything. I had my phone, which is really the most important thing. My mom calls us into the kitchen,

"Alright girls, are you ready? Jenna I think you should call your mom to let her know we're leaving soon. Are you excited?" she says all in a rush. I grin an ear to ear smile,

"Of course we're excited! This is our dream!" I say laughing from sheer excitement. Jenna and I quickly do some breathing exercises that fail miserably when we burst out laughing.

"Alright girls, in the car, we have a plane to catch!" My mom says. We get into the car and make a vine,

"On our way to MAGCON!! OMG WE LOVE YOU MAGCON BOYS!!" I shout.

"You especially cameron! I love you!" Jenna yells. I laugh,

"And shawn! I LOVE YOU!!" I shout right before it stops recording. We tag all of the MAGCON boys in it and stalk them for a little while. The rest of the car ride is filled with laughs and a lot of excitement.

Finally we reach the airport, we quickly board the plane. It's a short plane ride, only about 45 minutes.



"We are in Chicago!" Jenna shouts. I nod laughing,

"I know!!"

"We are going to meet the MAGCON boys!!" She shouts again.

"I KNOW!!!" I practically scream. My mom gives us a look,

"I know you're excited but save the screaming for the event." she advises. I nod,

"She has a good point." Jenna says. We make our way to our hotel which we're staying at just for the night. MAGCON starts at 1:00pm, and it's 11:00am so we should start getting ready so that we can be there early. I tell Jenna this and she nods. She's ready first; but finally I'm ready too. We look at each other's outifts,

"Perfect." We say at the same time. We laugh, walking over to my mom.

"Mom, let's go. We have to get there early." I say.

"Okay, okay." she says, walking out of the hotel room and down to our rented car. We drive to the venue and I already see about 10 or 15 girls lined up. My mom drops off Jenna and I and we quickly get into line.




They were finally letting us in. I could die. Or cry. Or both. Because I could see him; I could see shawn, he was sitting in a row with the rest of the boys, laughing. I sigh dreamily and Jenna rolls her eyes,

"Girl, you got it bad." she says. But at that moment she sees cameron and squeals, making me laugh,

"Look who's talking." she gives me a look and we wait our turn in line.




We're next! I step up and come face to face with shawn. He smiles at me and I smile back; stunned into a constant goofy smile.

"Hi, what's your name?" he says. I begin stuttering,

"Hi, I'm, Um, Hi." I pause, 'pull yourself together brie!', I scold myself, "Sorry, I'm brie." I say smiling. He smiles back and something passes between us, I'm not quite sure what. But definitely something.

"So, do you have anything you want me to sign?" I nod, handing him several things to sign, including my arm. I also give him some posters and stuff, which he thanks me for. I nod smiling but soon enough it's time to move on and I continue down the line to meet cam. jenna starts crying which makes me start laughing. It was hilarious. Really.




The event was over - first of all, AMAZING. Second of all, shawn kept looking at me all through the show! Every time I looked at him, he was looking at me! Some of you might think, wow that's creeperish, but heck no! It's shawn mendes, if he's staring at me, then well, OKAY! But anyways, now it was time for the VIP people to head backstage to have a one-on-one with the boys. I could not wait. We followed a security guy backstage and I saw shawn, I ran up to him and smiled. He gives me a big grin,

"Hi brie!" OMG he remembered my name! I have an inner freak out fangirl moment, but try to remain cool on the outside.

"Hey shawn." He scratches the back of his neck uncomfortably, glancing at the ground, finally he says,

"So, I was, uh, wondering if maybe you wanted to hang at the hotel with me and the rest of the guys later, your friend can come too." he says quickly. I stare at him, and then grin an ear-to-ear smile,

"Of course! That would be awesome!" he smiles,

"Cool, here, I'll text you." he says. I give him my number and he gives me his. I mentally scream and walk briskly over to Jenna,

"shawn just invited me and you to the boys' hotel later on to hang out." I say quietly. She actually does scream. Out loud. Loudly.

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