Festival of chase

They chased me
They kidnapped me
They played me
All a mistake


2. the room

My head is killing and my eyes are resisting adjusting.when i can c where i am i wish i don't.I'm in a small square room.it is almost pitch black.it is pretty bare apart from a couple items.i stumble around.i find curtains closed and pull them open in hope.it has windows behind.one problem there painted black.i walk around with my hands on the wall i find something poking put.i grab it and pull down.a dim light turns on.it isn't the brightest but it is still a light .i can see my surrounding now.there is a small bed.a bathroom.chest of drawers.a calender.A calender how strange.i manage to read it when i go up close.on each day passed there is a cross.in a weeks time it says my birthday.this makes me tear up thinking of the party i had planned for a couple of my friends and family.i had 2 sister and a set of twins for siblings.i hear crying in the room opposite mine.i here footsteps and the door unlocking.i stand still.they enter set down some rags and a sandwich and water.they say get changed and eat i will be back in an hour.i went to ask how i know when that is and they marched to locking the door behind them.i eat the sandwich and down the water.they seemed to accomplish nothing.i notice an egg timer taped to the tray behind the rags.i read it.15 minutes.i have a freezing shower and pull the rags on.the egg timer rings.

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