Festival of chase

They chased me
They kidnapped me
They played me
All a mistake


1. the chase and kidnap

Stop!what are you doing.millions of other thoughts ran through my head at this moment.most o them featured the word STOP.this guy was a loony.three men were chasing me down streets.the middle one called me.

'We don't want to hurt you.'

I froze in my tracks.they edged closer.i must be crazy what am i doing i got ready to run again.Damn! There were crates.they weren't far behind me.it may seem stupid to stop running but they would catch me anyway.i remembered how my friend evan told me to hold his phone whilst he went to the principle.the chase started whilst he was gone.i rummaged in my pocket and called 911.i couldn't talk so i left it ringing.they were only a mile or two off now.the phone bleeped.Curse it.the battery's dead.a car drove through the crates.the window rolled down.

'Hop in'said the figure driving.

'Evan'i replied with a sigh of relief.

I waste no time getting in the car.And before the guys knew what was happening.i handed evan his phone back.we managed to get back to school before the bell rang.we had to run to reach class.

French.ugh.disappointment alert.one hour later the bell signalled the end of the day.i saw no sign of evan so i guessed he had detention.i climbed into my red Porsche.i was about to put the key into the ignition when...A hand grabbed me from behind tying a cloth round my mouth an knocking me out.i could still here them.they were talking about something called the festival and the boss would be happy.i felt them shove me in a van.

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