Fans turn to friends

Tegan a big fan of five sos as she catches their eye when they stay in the same hotel room and are becoming friends


8. the lake

I came running out of the stadium and the fans were looking at me but I didn't care I wept my tears away and then started walking I could hear fans calling me names and others want me to get Luke's autograph for them I ignored them and started to run sprint actually and passed hotels shops houses and then about four blocks of running I got out of breath then I saw a field of grass then a tree and then a bench beside a lake there were pebbles beside the bench I picked up a pebble and through it in the lake making it bounce on water three times then I heard foot steps behind me and then I siad "Luke go away I don't like talking about my scars" then the person came closer and sat next to me it was a girl " I'm not Luke I'm Sabrina" the girl said putting out her hand for me to shake "I'm Tegan" I said shaking her hand " so who's Luke and why are you angry at him is he your boy friend" she said while picking up a pebble I chuckled "no he is Luke hemmings and I was cutting and he caught me and tryna talk to me about why I did it" I siad while making my pebble jump on the lake "wait Luke hemmings" she said shocked "yeah are you a fan" "yeah a little" she siad I chuckled then after about twenty minutes of talking and skimming pebbles someone called "teegan" then I turned around it was Luke I get up and stomp my feet and walk past him he grabbed my wrist and I whined " oh sorry I forgot about your scars" then he let go and I turned around about to walk away then he grabbed me by my wiast which caused me to turn around facing him out faces were inches away "you won't stop trying will you" I said "no so just tell me" he said "why do you even want to know anyway" " because I don't like people cutting" he said I looked into his eyes "okay but not here I'll tell you tonight" we walked to the concert and people were screaming they played don't stop she's kinda hot she looks so perfect then she's kinda hot I taped it all on my phone then I got a message later it was Luke

L:hey come backstage x

T:why x

L: we have beer x

T:okay x

I showed the security guard the messages so he would let me in he did it was pitch black I felt someone grip my waist "Luke is that you" I said frightened "yeah" " then let go your drunk" he let go

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