Fans turn to friends

Tegan a big fan of five sos as she catches their eye when they stay in the same hotel room and are becoming friends


10. mistakes

"Wow what happend" I said to my bruised brother sitting on my bed on his phone he looks up to me and says "hmm" I then gave him the you know what I'm talking about look he then sighed and said "do u know that girl I was wif" I nodded then he continued "well I thought she wanted to date me so I kissed her but she only wanted to be friends and her boyfriend and his friends beat me up" just then Luke walks in and the guys behind him "we went shopping" ash says "well I can see that" I siad and pointed to the rubber wrings around there waisted and a stuffed penguin they just chuckled "did you guys here what was on the-" I cut him of by running into the bathroom and been sick "are you ok" Michael says I give him a thumbs up then I walk out of the bathroom and Luke says to me "are you ok" I nod and ash was on the balcony with the guys then Luke says "so this is awkward" I then have a worried look on my face "what's wrong are you ok" he asks me again "Luke this is awkward but did you use a condom perhaps" I ask he chuckles and says "what are you talking about we didn't .............oh god" I then sit on the bed next to him "this is not a good time to ask but are you gonna tell me why you cut" I then sigh and say " well the first night I texted my mom but she didn't awnser until a couple of minutes and when she did it wasn't her it was someone saying that she was in an accident" he then got up and sat next to me and said "your gonna live with your dad right I then looked at the ground and said "my dad is also dead so it's just me and my brother and my dog and hamster who are probably dead or giving away along with my house"

Luke's P.O.V

Oh god what she has been through I'm not supprised she did cut but she can get through this I know she can "so if you want you can come along with us or stuff you can also live with us also because I'm going to be a father"I say while putting my hand on her belly rubbing it in circles she then gets up and says " um i don't know do you not think it will ruin your carer" I get up and hug her from behind and let my chin rest on her shoulder then she blushes and gets out of my grip and says "I don't know Luke I don't think I want this with all the fans" I then have a sad expression on my face "it's ok we'll get through this I promise"

Idk guys should I add some drama to it 😋 leave some suggestions luv y'all till next time saoirse out

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