Fans turn to friends

Tegan a big fan of five sos as she catches their eye when they stay in the same hotel room and are becoming friends


12. lost the baby

teegans P.O.V

I got up of bed put some slippers on and walked out of my room then my slipper got stuck on carpet and I tripped down stiars "teegan oh god are you alright" ashton siad running towards me picking me up bridal style and load me down on the couch and lifted my shirt to see cuts bruises and some scares "we need to get you to the hospital now" ash says as he picked my up and put me into the car and driving of when we got to the hospital I walked up to the reception I asked the lady "I need an appointment for like now" I say holding my stomach in pain before she makes phone calls and doodled on her computer she says "okay do you have a personal doctor" "yea doctor brown " she doodled agian and said "okay take a seat and he will take you in about five minutes" then me and ash walk over to take a seat and I start to tear up then ash realises and says "look everything will be ok" he puts his index finger under my chin and lifts my head up and with his thumb wipes away a tear that escaped my eye "promise" I say "promise" he says I smile ash always knows how to cheer me up "Teegan Logan's " the nurse says I sigh and get up then ash says "I can come with you if you want" I nod and he gets up and we walk in ash sits in the guest Chiar and if lay down on the hospital bed "okay teegan I'm gonna put some cold sort of jelly on your stomach and use the scanner to see if there is any sign of the baby" mr.Brown says I nod and he puts cold stuff on my stomach and scans it and we all look up to the screen were the x-Ray "well I'm not finding any sign of a baby ....... I'm so sorry"Mr.Brown says I start to tear up then when I'm all finished up and me and ash check out then we drive home

Luke's P.O.V

I walk into my house and see teegan she looks sad "what's rong baby" I ask walking over to her and wrapping her in my arms "" she says in between sobs I then say "I was visiting my parents and my mom kept spraying stuff" she said "oh" "so are you gonna tell me why you are so upset" after she explains everything I am heartbroken but a bit relived "aw baby you need to get some rest" I say she walks up the stiars and I get a message

(Unknown/u Luke/l)

U:you can't keep ignoring me you know what I can do.

L:what do you want

U:stop seeing Bridget and leave her for me

L:I can't I love Bridget please something else

U:nope not unless you want me to have teegan?

L: no not her please something else

I think I've made up my mind I'm going to choose-"who are you texting?" Calum asked "no one jut on twitter" I reply smiling "oh okay" Calum says walking up the stiars

A/n: suggestions please for the next chapter and any more characters

Teegans best friend

Bridget's sister

Calum's best friend

And all you need to do is comment name height hiar colour style eye colour and what country

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