Fans turn to friends

Tegan a big fan of five sos as she catches their eye when they stay in the same hotel room and are becoming friends


4. in LA

Teegans POV

We were finally at the air port and mom said to us "so you guys promise to call or face time me when you land" "yes mom I promise I will probably even face time you on the plane" she hugs and kisses us and we walk in and go through security and found out what gate number we were at and it was leaving in thirty minutes so we bought sweets and chewgum for on the plane and also so our ears won't pop then we bought juice and magazines and books then went to a food court and ate when we heard the woman say that our plane is leaving in ten minutes me and jake look at each other and walk up to our gate and waited in line and finally the woman scanned our boarding passes and we entered the plane and took our seats I got the window seat thankfully no one sat beside us

_____________skip plane ride__________________

We got into the bus that lead us to our hotel and checked in and got our keys and went up to our room when we got there we walked in it was massive it had four double beds two bathrooms a flat screen TV and a huge balcony "so are we sharing with a group of guys" my brother says to me while unpacking I nod as soon as we finished unpacking we got into our swim stuff and got a towel and I took of bracelets and sat them on the counter "what's that" my brother says pointing to my arm I completely forgot about my scars "itch marks" I lied "oh" we went to the pool and sat out our seats I dived into the pool and made a splash the pool was a little cold then my brother splashed after hours in the pool we got out and dried ourselves our mum got us all inclusive and I had an adult bracelet and we got alcohol and started drinking and we got dressed and went to get pizza and walked to our room then I think the people we were sharing our room because it was opens we walked in and sat our pizza down and heard a voice say "oh hi are you the guys we share this room with I looked up it was Luke hemmings omg I can't believe it

A/n hey guys I thaught you would like this chapter better it will get better I promise luv y'all till next time saoirse out

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