Fans turn to friends

Tegan a big fan of five sos as she catches their eye when they stay in the same hotel room and are becoming friends


3. getting packed

My Alarm clock went of

"Today is the day" I squeal my brother jake was still sleeping so I jumped of my king sized bed went out the door and walked over to his room he had a pillow over his head and he was laying on his tummy I creep over take the pillow of his head and squeals in his ear "GET THE HELL UP" he groans and I chuckle and say "okay you needa pack our flight Is at 8:00am and it's 6:00am and it's an hour ride to the air port okay you have 30 minutes to pack LETS GO LETS GO" I scream while walking out of his room to mines with is right next to his. I pull a suitcase from under the bed and started packing I was going there for a week so I needed seven outfits I packed five black skinny jeans with a rip in of the knees, a red flannel,two pairs of black leggans,a sws tee a bmth tee a five SOS tee,nirvana tee a bmth tee and blink green day 182 and a pair of vans and black convers I also packed a hiar brush and mascara I zipped up the suit case and put it on the bed and walked into my brothers room he had every thing packed all we needed was to get changed "I'm gonna get changed you should to" I said while walking into my moms room and shook her awake "MOM" she wakes up and stares at me and says "what" and I get up of her bed and said "we're going now and your our car ride "

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