Fans turn to friends

Tegan a big fan of five sos as she catches their eye when they stay in the same hotel room and are becoming friends


11. cheating


Today was the day I'm leaving with Luke no one knows about the pregnancy thing so me and Luke decided to tell them today as the boys and my brother gather up in the hotel bedroom they sat on the beds and groaned "what's so important you had to tell us while we were packing" Michael said "well"I started and Luke came behind me and plopped his chin on my shoulder and rubbed my belly "I'm pregnant!" I said they all tackled me into a hug but ashton he just sat there on the bed staring at the floor I walk over and sit beside him "u ok" I said "yup congrats" he mumbled his voice was shaky I could tell something was up but I was to tired to argue. Once we were finished packing and made sure we got everything and headed out to the lobby and saw through the glass window hundreds of fans were there some had posters saying 'ily Luke marry me' and others just 'ily five sos I linked my brother and walked into the jeep while the boys went to sign things then five minutes later they came to the jeep and we got to the airport our flight wasn't leaving until thirty minutes so we got a Starbucks and some girls were eyeing up Luke and he did it back not realising it made me angry we got our flight and went home

-----2 months later-------------

Luke's P.O.V

I was at the park with my friend Bridget because it was my day of and teegan wanted me to go have some and Bridget were sitting on the swings and she spoke up breaking the silence "Luke I was thinking maybe we should take our friendship to the next level" and she smirked sitting down on my lap giving me a boner I looked up at her realising she was leaning in for a kiss there was no one in the park just us I pulled away and said "look Bridget I have a girlfriend-" she cut me of while kissing me I didn't hesitate to kiss back I got my hands out of my pocket and locked my arms around her wiast It felt rong but at the same time so right we moved it over to under the slide not breaking the kiss and she played with the button of my jeans and I ripped them of and pulled down her shorts and panties and pulled my boxers down and then she siad "ah ah eh use portection" she handed me a condom and I slipped it on thrusting in to her slow and hard and she moaned "faster" I then went faster and faster until I reached my climax I was breathing heavily and she said "we should do this more often" and I pulled the condom of and slipped my underwear on and jeans on and top and she did the same I got up and threw the condom in the trash can and felt her arms around my wiast I turned around to a Bridget with a smirk on her face and then I towers over her pressing my lips against hers and licked her lips for an entrance then she let me in I'm glad that the park was abandoned and in the middle of the woods then suddenly I got a text from an unknown caller

(Unknown caller -u/Luke -l)

U: I saw you I was watching all the time your Luckey I never took a picture and sent it to your beloved girlfriend.

I gasped at my phone and Bridget gives me a confused look "I gotta go" I say running of to my car and driving home it was late so I crept up the stiars and slid into bed making to noise at all then my phone bleep agian

U: I could tell her but you have to do something for me 😏

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