Fans turn to friends

Tegan a big fan of five sos as she catches their eye when they stay in the same hotel room and are becoming friends


5. bad news

Teegans POV

Oh my god it's really Luke hemmings my inner self told me to play it cool "sup I'm teegan" I walked away from him before he could say anything and grabbed my pjs and walked into my bathroom and texted my mom that Luke and his band mates.i put on my pjs and looked at my phone it was a text from my mum it said "hello sorry to inform you but your mom has been in a terrible accident and is in hospital the doctors are working there best she might be in a wheel chair if the surgery works sorry for your loss" I cried and cried then a razor caught my eye I was a week clean and my scars were still visable but I don't care I grabbed the razor and pressed it down on my skin and dragged it across about four times the blood was dripping every were before I could grab toilet roll there was a knock on the door "um hey it's Luke are you ok I heard crying" "I um .......not really" the door opened he looked at me shocked and said "why did you do this" "Luke just leave me alone life isint perfect like yours" I got up and cleaned the blood on the floor and off my arm walked out of the room put on my shoes and jacket and grabbed my phone and siad "I'm going for a walk" and grabbed the keys and when I got out the door I ran until I bumped into someone which made me fall back and hit my head "hey are you ok" the tall figure said and then put out a hand and pulled me up it was micheal Clifford god he was more sexier in person then I heard foot steps it was Luke I walked pass micheal and started power walking untill I was at the stairs I sprinted down them and walked outside i plugged my earphones in and my songs on shuffle and walked until I was at a park no one was there I sat on the bench thinking about how my life is gonna be I lost my dad now my mum next thing I know my brothers gonna go I frowned and felt someone sit next to me it was ashton irwin omg "sorry was this seat taken" "no"I said while taking my earphones out "this is usually were I come to sort my head out" he says "sorry I gotta go to our hotel coming" "I have only -" I cut him of "yeah I know but u and your band share the hotel with" I get up and wall and turn three rights and saw our hotel I saw Luke standing out the front of the hotel making out with some girl ashton walks over to him taps him on the shoulder and gestures him to go into the hotel I walk over to them catching up Luke was drunk? "Um are you drunk" "what me noo"he slurred we got into the elevator and waited until the doors opened and walked to the room Luke was falling so me and ashton were practically carrying him and we got to the hotel I unlocked the door and walked into the bathroom and sat down my phone I felt arms around my wiast and turned around it was Luke tryna kiss my "Luke stop"

A/n guys sorry this chapter wasn't my best but I will try to make it better luv y'all till next time saoirse out

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