Fans turn to friends

Tegan a big fan of five sos as she catches their eye when they stay in the same hotel room and are becoming friends


7. at the concert

I wake up to the sound of my alarm and look at a note that was on the draw beside my bed and it said " we had to go the concert we hope to see you guys there here's Luke's phone number love the boys" i decided to text Luke

T: hey Luke I'm gonna head of now bye x

L:your only heading of now you'll probably be the last ones there!

T: no wayyyy

L:just hurry and we'll get you a good seat

T:omg thanks


I run and jump on jake "what the fuck was that for I was dreaming" he said while getting up and rubbing his eyes "we're going to the concert now get your ass up and get ready" I say while getting of him and go to the closet I got my five sos tee and black leggings and vans I walk into the bathroom and lock the door and get dressed then I washed my face brush my teeth and brushed my hiar while putting a beanie on and said to my brother "can I use your red shirt" "yeah don't rip it though"he said I went into his bag and got it and tied it round my wiast and put on my vans then put eyeliner and mascara on along with red lip stick and then grabbed my phone of charge and siad to my brother "come on let's go" I yanked him out the door and we walked in the elevated and walked out of the hotel and after a twenty minute walk we arrived I walked up to the security guard and asked him "we need to speak to five sos" "no you can't you just have to wait to the show" I walked away from him and texted Luke

T: Luke come out the security guard won't let us speak to you

L: it's ok I'm going out now

As I waited for Luke with my arms crossed my brother was talking to some girl and then the doors opens It was Luke

Luke's P.O.V

I walked out of the doors then said to the security guard "she's with me" then I walked over to teegan and said to her "where's your brother" "over there talking to some girl" she walked over to him and started talking to him then walked over to me and said "he is going with that girl" I then wrapped my arm around her shoulder and waved to the fans and brought teegan inside she seemed nervous and I smirked and could see her in the corner of my eye jumping then said to me "it's huge omg" I smiled at her and stared at her for a while "what" she said with a chuckle "nothing just wonder when I caught you the other night you kn-" she cuts me of "Luke please can we not talk about it please" "no I need to" "Luke please" she runs out crying

Idk about this chapter is it good thanks for 900 or something reads I can't believe please like favourite and fan luv y'all till next time saoirse out

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