"Why do you skate?"
"Because it makes me feel free"


1. 0.0

Concentrate. Mohawk turn, strong leg, stab, pressure, jump, spin. I land on my right leg, in a small but strong tree. I then put my left leg out and stay like that for a few seconds.

"Again!" I hear bossy, my coach, yell.

"Should I try a double?" I asked

"Sure and then we'll work to a triple" bossy replies.

I nod and do the same thing, but I make it around twice before landing. Bossy claps and then I try a triple.

I take a deep breath and jump. I don't land it right and fall straight onto my face.

"Get back up" bossy sighs "you can do this June! I know you can"

I mumble and stand back up. I try again, put mess up again. After what feels like hours, bossy dismisses me but tells me to keep trying in my own time.

I take a quick water break and sit on the side.

"I'm never going to get this jump" I sigh, rubbing my temples.

"Your pretty good" someone says behind me, making me jump.

I turn and see a boy looking at me. He has blond hair, deep blue eyes, a buff body and is wearing a hokey uniform.

"Thank you" I smiled "who are you? And doesn't hokey practice start later?"

"I'm Blake and yes, I just got here early so I can set up practice. Who are you?" He asked

"My name is June and isn't that the captains job?" I asked

"I am the captain" he laughed "it's nice to meet you June"

I smile at him.

"It's nice to meet you too" I laughed, we shake hands.

"Your really good, how long have you been skating?" He asked

"4 years" I answered

"Your so good! Don't you represent Australia?" He asked

"Yes, it's my 2nd year actually" I answered "it's really nice talking to you, but I need to go to practice"

"That's all good" he smiled "I'll see you around"

"See ya" I smiled, I hen got back on the floor and kept skating.

I started by doing my warn ups and then I did spins.

Camel spin, sit spin, two foot spin, outside forward and finally outside back.

Next was jumps. I started by doing half's, then full's and doubles. I also did a double axel and a double.

I toke a deep breath and did what I've been aiming for a triple axel. I can do all my triples accept, my axel and salcow. I've even been trying quads, but nobody knows that.

I land my triple axel, but not on my feet. On my but. I moan and stand back up.

Again, again, again.

I keep trying and trying, but all I keep doing is failing and failing.

My feet are starting to hurt, but I decide to try one more time.

This time I'm surprised when I land it on my right foot. I smile and do it and again. Each time getting a bit better.

Finally a bell goes off and all the artistic skaters leave the floor. I sigh and leave the floor. On the way to my stuff, I see josh.

"Hey baby" he smiles

"Hey" I smile, we quickly kiss each other and he smiles at me.

"I saw you land that triple axel, well done" he smiles, kissing my ear.

"Thank you babe" I smiled, kissing him again.

"I love you" he mumbles into the kiss

"Love you too" I smiled

"I've got to go train" he laughs "I'll see you later, want to watch?"

"I would love too" I smile "but I need to get home"

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow" he smiles at me

He goes onto the floor and starts training. I sit down and take my skates off.

I then put them in my bag and head off.

Today's been good.

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