Life as a Princess

Hey everyone! My name is Ariana Grace. I am the princess of Vanville. Well that's the name of the royal kingdom Father and Mother run. I have an older sister named Sophia who is 16 and a twin brother called Nicholas who is the same age as me- 11. I am obviously closer to Nicholas and we love each other to bits. Sophia used to play with Nicholas and me when we were younger, but now... ... I still love her. In fact, I do love my family a lot. I can't tell you everything now, so here. This is a diary, MY diary. Stories of me are in it, so flip the page and start reading it.


2. 3rd February 2013


Dear Diary,

Today was fine.  The only problem was Sophia.  She's still ignoring Nicholas and me.  I cried again.  I guess I really love Sophia a lot.  Nicholas comforted me again.  When I asked him how it was that he was always patient with me and he never cried, he replied something along the lines of "Ariana, you're my sister, my twin, my other half.  How can I not be patient with you?  It hurts me to see you crying, so I must stay strong to help and comfort you."  I smiled gratefully with my eyes pooled with tears after he said that.  One more thing.  I don't want to tell Mother because she is busy.  I don't want her to worry about our sibling relationship. 

Tomorrow we are celebrating Sophia's birthday.  I hope she talks to Nicholas and me.  We bought her a diamond necklace and bracelet.  As the king and queen,  Father and Mother are well-respected, which means Sophia, Nicholas and I are too. Everywhere I go, I have people bowing or kneeling to me.  It's quite annoying.  I had to tell my friend's parents 24 times that she did not need to bow.  However, when Sophia saw my friends and their parents bowing to me, her face was filled with something.  I don't know.  I think she was angry or something.   I think there is no way Nicholas and I can get her back.  She is distancing herself from us more and more every single day.  I think that by the time we find out what is wrong with her, she will be gone forever.

*Yawn*  I am so sleepy.  Goodnight.

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