Life as a Princess

Hey everyone! My name is Ariana Grace. I am the princess of Vanville. Well that's the name of the royal kingdom Father and Mother run. I have an older sister named Sophia who is 16 and a twin brother called Nicholas who is the same age as me- 11. I am obviously closer to Nicholas and we love each other to bits. Sophia used to play with Nicholas and me when we were younger, but now... ... I still love her. In fact, I do love my family a lot. I can't tell you everything now, so here. This is a diary, MY diary. Stories of me are in it, so flip the page and start reading it.


1. 2nd February 2013


Dear Diary,

Today, I was crowned Princess Ariana of Vanville.  Not surprising at all.  Mother always said that the royalties in our kingdom will always be crowned prince or princess at the age of eleven, so Sophia was already crowned five years ago.  Anyway, Nicholas was crowned too!  The whole kingdom came to watch and we were so nervous!  Father and Mother both told Nicholas and me that they were proud of us.  I can't lie, but I was proud too.

After the coronation, Nicholas and I raced from our parents' room to Sophia's.  It was around 600 metres and I was exhausted!  We asked Sophia to play with us and I don't know why, but she shooed us out of her room and locked her door.  It got me so sad.  She always played with us when we were younger but lately, she was shutting Nicholas and me out.  Even Nicholas looked very upset.  I wonder what's got into Sophia lately... ...

I cried when we went back too our room and Nicholas hugged and comforted me.  I love him so much!  He is my twin, my other half.  I am his too.  We look out for each other and help each other.  People always say that we are the closest twins they ever see.  Sophia used to be in this circle, but I guess she isn't now.

I hear footsteps, and you are a secret, so good night.       



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