The world is in its worst state. Mouse and Tina experienced it all. Now demon poison is spreading through people like wildfire, pulling away their humanity piece by piece. They'll do anything to save their friends and each other- but only if they can avoid insanity and keep themselves alive.


1. 1

Slap. Trina felt it as she did every morning. She opened her eyes and saw Rosé staring into her face with a scowl painted over it. Trina didn't slap back, like she had when they first arrived at the "Safe Haven" and Rosé had become a sort of guardian to Trina. Rosé's slightly grey hair was scraped back into a tight ponytail and she was fully dressed, in her standard dark green tight-fit dress that was torn and blood-stained in places.

"Get up Tiny, I thought that you'd be down at the stream with Mouse by now." Mouse! She'd completely forgotten that Mouse had wanted to see her by the stream this morning. Trina leapt out of bed and pushed past Rosé to get to her clothes. They had odd pieces of clothing because Trina, Mouse, Rosé, Stefan, Angela, Teresa and Darren had raided a clothes shop during their escape from the Sun Crack. 


Mouse was sat under the large willow tree that hung over the stream. He'd been waiting for Trina for ages, marking the minutes in the trunk of the tree. As he put on mark 31 Tina came running towards him, her blond hair flying out behind her. 

"How late am I? Tell me it wasn't long." She looked sorry but he didn't know why. She couldn't have set an alarm clock for the simple reason that there ​weren't any alarm clocks anymore.

"Thirty one minutes, Tiny, thirty one minutes. I have to say I'm very disappointed with you." Tiny. That's what people called her when they were annoyed with her, due to the girl's small size. She knew how much he was joking by the smile that spread across her face.

"Stop it, you sound like Rosé." 

"How true you speak." He did that often, spoke like he was from an older time. His british accent was proper but he used that tone of voice that made him sound... Trina knew but couldn't pinpoint it. Mouse then flicked back a small piece of hair that hung by the side of his face. 

He did that a lot too. He never even realized how nice he actually looked, at least that's what Trina thought. Mouse thought the same about her. She'd inherited her dad's white-blond hair and her mum's perfect grey eyes. She was beautiful. 

Suddenly she pulled him into a tight hug and, for the first time in forever, she felt cold. As it would have felt uncomfortable a year ago, it felt like a natural thing to him now. He hugged her back then, pressing the heat of his body against hers, making her feel warm.

"What was that for?" He said it in the softest way he could.

"Now and all of the week to come. I'm gonna miss you."

"As to come with us then, I'm sure that Stefan'll let you go just once."

"Twice, I came with you and Teresa last time." It was true but Stefan was soft under those fifty layers of rock hard army soldier, so he might say yes. "But I'll ask him."



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