"You can't break a girl who's already broken and you can't hurt a girl who's already dead inside."
Pain, it's all that exists in this horrid world. Judgmental monsters, people who scold you for being yourself. Just being yourself, you are told to stop being a wreck. You feel like you are slowly losing connection to your body, fading into darkness, away from the light. Further and further you fall, no one is there to catch you. The only way out is pain, pain is the key. The blade, it haunts you until you can't resist the urge to watch the thick red liquid drip from the cut. Suddenly it all becomes numb, no one cares to listen. No one pays attention, you keep falling further. Your echoes cannot be heard, no one is going to save you. You are stuck in the dark with no way out. It all comes down to that one person that is your last hope. Help. Help me please. Help me escape these demons.


6. Chapter 5

Trigger Warning: This chapter contains mild violence and may be disturbing to some readers. Not meant for the weak-hearted. If you can't handle this I suggest you leave now, you have been warned, viewer discretion advised.

            Chapter 5
    The throbbing continued as I groaned and buried myself deeper into the covers of my bed. Why did headaches have to exist? They don't cause any good. Of course my stiff neck isn't helpful either. Great luck isn't it?
    Since I know I'm not gonna be able to get any more sleep, I pull the covers off of my body and lazily slump out of my safe haven and stalk down the stairs into the kitchen. The green numbers on the microwave read 6:00, way too early for me on a Saturday.
    "Hey sweetie, what are you doing up so early?" I jumped at the sound of a voice behind me. I quickly turned around to be met with one person that I didn't want to see today... Brad.
    I clear my throat, "Here's the question: What are YOU doing here so early?" I cross my arms and stare at him, waiting for an answer.
    "Your mother asked me to stay for the weekend. So, I came here early." I sigh, I don't want this man in my house, not at the fact that he creeps me out as he stares over me like he is right now.
    "What are you looking at?" My gaze turns into a hard one.
    He clears his throat, immediately looking up to my face. "Nothing, you just look really thin, have you been eating?" 
    "That's none of your business, you aren't my mother and you don't deserve any of that information!" I spit.
    A smirk takes over his features. "Well princess, I will soon be your dad. When that happens, I can have whatever I want and you'll have to listen to me." 
    "Don't call me 'princess', and even if you and my mother were to get married, you would never ever ever be my father!" 
    "I'd make a better father than your fucking dead one that was a piece of shit and treated your mother like trash!" He shouts at me, standing up and stomping towards my frightened body.
    An angry tear rolled down my cheek, "My father isn't a piece of shit! He was way better than you'll ever be! Our family was perfect until he passed and when you came into the picture, you fucked it up even worse!" I scream.
    His giant hand made contact with my cheek, the force sending me to the floor with a thud. He crouched down to my cowered body, getting really close to my face. "Don't you ever talk to me like that again, got it princess? I'm sure that we'll have some great fun in the mere future." He ran his finger along my cheek before getting up and heading to the staircase, leaving me crumpled like a piece of paper on the floor with tears rolling down my cheeks.
    After this morning's incident, I immediately left home and stayed out all day since then. I've just been randomly walking around town, pretty much doing nothing. I don't have any friends, so what am I supposed to do? I guess I could go to the library. But, I don't really want to. I just want to keep walking around. I'm afraid that if I go back home he will hurt me again, I can't have that. I can't tell mother or anyone. I'm stuck with this. It terrifies me because I know he can do way more than he did, and that was just sassing him. I can't even imagine what would happen if I told someone. My head would be mounted on his wall.
    I narrow a corner and take a turn onto the sidewalk, seeing Mollie, her friends and Isaac. Great, my luck is perfect. I keep my head down and try to walk past them without them noticing who I am. Of course that doesn't go as planned and I end up tripping over a crack in the sidewalk. How? I have no idea.
    "Look who it is, the attention whore, so it looks like you got me suspended, that wasn't a good choice." Isaac takes a few steps towards me. I put my shaky hands up in defense trying to keep him away but of course that wouldn't work. He kicks me which makes me hit the concrete. The group behind him stickers as she throws a punch to my stomach, then to my cheek and to my nose, causing blood to drip out and onto my sweater. Weakly I kick his leg in attempt to get away, of course it fails. He chuckles darkly, "You shouldn't have done that." He picks me up by my shirt and slams me into the wall, causing a whimper to escape me. His mouth is right up to my ear which caused me to shake with shivers. "Leave me and my girlfriend alone or you'll regret it. Don't tell anyone about this or you are dead. Got it?" I nod frantically, he spits on me before letting go and letting me slump to ground, the group gathering into the vehicle and speeding away. No one saw anything, tears pooled out of my eyes. Why did this happen to me? I never did anything wrong, did I?
    After a few minutes, I get up and brush myself off before continuing down the street, receiving some stares by people. I had to go home now that I was probably covered in blood. I don't want to, but I have to.
    Quietly I creaked the front door open enough for me to fit through and closed it quietly as well. I crept passed the kitchen as my mother and Brad were in there cooking something. Quietly I made my way up the stairs but failed as the last step made a huge noise and my mother called me. "Elony? Is that you?" I don't say anything back before I hear her footsteps and her head appears at the bottom of the staircase. "Hey, we were about to head to get some lunch, did you want to come?" I shook my head no. She sighs. "Elony, can't you at least make an effort to get along with him?" I would have started laughing hysterically. Get along with him? After he hit me? No fucking way, he can jump off a bridge for all I care. Instead of saying anything I just shrug. "Fine, we'll be back later, try not to make a mess." She says before walking away. They weren't just gonna go out to lunch, it's like last time, they rent a hotel room and go an screw each other there and my mom comes back home in the happiest mood possible. It's disgusting.
    I close my bedroom door and plop on my bed, turning on the telly and searching through numerous channels coming across nothing at all. I decide on finishing the book I was reading. Of course it didn't take me long because the vocabulary 's super easy. Easily, I lose track of time as I continue reading and before I know it, there's a knock at my door before Brad pops his head in. "Your mother says it's time for dinner." He smirks at me. My heart picks up it's pace. 
    "'M not hungry." I mumble. He pushes the door open and steps in before stepping closer and closer til he's right in front of me. 
    "Get your ass downstairs and eat dinner, your mother worked very hard on this meal and you aren't gonna make her feel bad. Get down there now!" He grumbles. I shake my head and cross my arms.
    "You aren't the boss of me, get the hell out of my room." I stand my ground.
    "Okay, you asked for it." His hand makes contact with me for the second time today, I'm dumbfounded. He huffs before he stomps off down stairs. I place my hand where his was just moments ago, a stinging sensation burning when I touch it. I winced as I stood up from my bed. I had to go down there no matter what.

        Mollie's P.O.V (Surprise?)
    I watched as Isaac punched and kicked Elony repeatedly, everyone else was snickering, I was too, but inside I felt terrible. I know your asking yourself "Why the hell should I care" or "Why the hell do you do it as well" but there's something that a lot of people don't know and only me and Isaac know.
    Isaac and I have been together for a year, before we dated, he always picked on Elony. Trying to make her feel bad by calling her names, hitting her, or just making her feel like trash in general. I always had liked Isaac, but I never knew why he liked me. It was just an ordinary day when he happened to ask me out, of course I said yes because well, I was dumb and crushed hard on him. Anyways, on the first date, he acted like a total douche. Always making comments about what I should and shouldn't wear, what I should eat or not, what I like, who I hang out with. The things is, I tried breaking up with him, but he ended up beating me daily. He forced me to stay in a relationship with him. Everyone thought we were the happiest couple in the world. Oh how wrong they were. When no one is around, Isaac treats me like shit. Calls me a Cow, trips me, hits me, puts me against my will. I'm to afraid to tell anyone because he might kill me, he's surely capable of it. My parents approve of him and his parents approve of me, but neither know about what truly goes on. When we are in public, he acts like an angel, that's what it is, an act. He told me that I can't hang out with my true friends, the outcasts. He told me I have to dress and act like the popular girls. I had no choice but to obey. I immediately was torn away from my best friend Alexa and was thrown into the popular group with Tracy Hawkins set as my best friend. All they did was complain about how they were all so fat and ugly, while they looked like skeletons with caked on makeup. I was forced to drop all of my weight and look like them to. I was forced to hate Elony and make sure to make her life hell. Worst of all, I was forced to change my life. No one knows and no one will find out. I'm stuck in this forced routine, stuck in this life full of lies, and no one can hear my calls. I need help, please help me... 

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