She's Kinda Hot

5 seconds of summer gets a 3 month vacation. One day when Luke Hemmings goes to his favorite music store, he bumps into a hot girl named Unique Alexander. What happens when they become close friends? When he brings her home? When all the members of 5 seconds of summer fall for her.
Read to find out.


3. 03 ❤️‍



Unique's P.O.V


I walked inside the music store pretending to look for some new cd's to buy. While doing that I kept looking around to find the boy I met yesterday.

There was no clue of finding h-OW! Speak of the devil.


I looked up from my position and saw him rubbing his shoulder and looking at it.

"Hey watch where you're going you son of a-"

"Son of a what?" I questioned him and crossed my arms.


When he heard me, he looked up surprised and placed a smile on his face.

"Oh. Its just you. I'm glad we met again" he brushed my hand with his and with that I said ugh! and walked away from him.


I could hear the footsteps running behind me. "Hey what was that?!" I stopped, spinned around to face him and stood there angrily.

"Well answer me please" he seemed anxious.


"I'm not talking to you" I looked him up an down and crossed my arms.

"Why not?"

"Well for starters you didn't tell me your name in return yesterday. Don't you know how rude that was"


"I'm sorry but...don't you know who I am?"

"No, because you were so rude to not tell me your name!"

"Are you serious right now? I'm Luke Hemmings!"

"Well you could've said that yesterday"


"I'm famous you know"
"Yeah...and I've got mutant powers like the hulk. Grrr"

"Ha, you're so cute when you do that. But I'm serious. I'm THE famous Luke Hemmings of 5 seconds of summer"

"Who now?"

"You know what, forget it" he chuckled showing off his dimples.

They were like so deep. I need to poke it! I have to poke it! So I did.


"What are you doing love?"

"I'm poking your adorable dimples, duh!"

"Is that only thing you think is adorable about me?" he smirked and walked slowly up to me.

"I don't know" I stopped poking his dimples and bit my bottom lip shyly.


"C'mon, tell me" he whispers and brushes my shoulder with his thumb.

"Okay you can stop now" I pushed him back lightly and fiddle with my clothes.

"What's wrong?" he looked confused.

"Dude, I've only known you since yesterday and you're like flirting with me?"


"Well don't normal boys do that?"

"Yeah...fuckboys that is"

"Oh so you're saying I'm a fuckboy?"

"Yup pretty much"


"Look, Unique. I may seem that way but I'm actually not like that at all"

"Well how come I know you're not lying, huh?"

"I don't know. Maybe we can like spend a day to know each other better?"


"Please. For me" he pouted.





"Yay!" he clapped his hands and jumped up and down like a fangirl.

"Bruh. What's that?"


"Oh... sorry" he stopped. "Its just I've got this inner fangirl in me"

"Yeah no chiz"

"So what day and what time?"

"I think tomorrow would be best and say...3'ish?

"Sounds great"


"Okay so I'll see you tomorrow then"

"Wait, you're leaving now?"

"Yeah, I've got a life you know" I giggled.

"Yeah but don't you think you can stay for a little 10 maybe 20 more minutes?"

"Aw poor Lukey don't wanna see me go" I messed up his hair a bit in a baby voice.


"Yes. I'll be vewy vewy sad" he also said in a baby voice and pouted.

"Okay I'll stay for a while" I laughed.


"So now what do we do?"


"We can get some ice cream just around the corner if you want"

"Well let's go then!" I took his hand and we ran outside to the ice cream shop.

When we got there we began to order.


"I'll have the caramel toffee and the lady will have..."

"CHOCOLATE MINT CHIP!!" I squealed and tugged on his arm like a little 3 year old girl.

"Okay Okay" he laughed and payed for them.




After our delicious treat, we walked and talked for a while.

"Well, it's getting kinda late and I should be going home now"

"Yeah so do I. But it was really nice seeing you again" he told me.

"It was nice seeing you again too"


He leaned down to kiss me on the cheek but eventually I stopped him before he can do it.

"What's wrong?"

"You can't kiss me"

"It's just a friendly one on the cheek. No biggie"

"Yeah but only I can do that"

"Huh?" he looked confused.

I tip-toed and kissed him gently and soft on the cheek and began walking away.

"HEY THAT'S NOT FAIR!" he shouted from the other side of the street.

I pretended to ignore him and walked on my way home.




Lol don't you guys think this was cute. I thought so.

Well there's chapter 3.

So so sorry if I took so long to update but I've been taking dance lessons

and had no time to update this.

So yeah..thanks for reading :)

~Unique A.


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