She's Kinda Hot

5 seconds of summer gets a 3 month vacation. One day when Luke Hemmings goes to his favorite music store, he bumps into a hot girl named Unique Alexander. What happens when they become close friends? When he brings her home? When all the members of 5 seconds of summer fall for her.
Read to find out.


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Unique's P.O.V


"That jerk!" Shannon exploded.

"Okay Shan you can calm down. Its no big deal"

I was just explaining to my best friend and roommate, Shannon, about how rude the boy I met yesterday with blonde hair at the music store was at me.


"No big deal? The dude asked for your name and he never told you his in return! If you ask me, he just thinks of you as a booty call"

"A booty what?" I looked totally confused. She sighed.


"A booty call. Its when you are called to have another person to come over to have sex then leaves. There are NO dates, NO after dinner, No introduction with friends. Just a plain piece of butt that is for free"


"Ew. Why would he even think of that?"

"Well there are two reasons for that. 1, you're obviously a way" I glared at her.

"And 2, some other reason" She smirked.


"Well I didn't ask to look like this" I plop down on the couch "By the way, you 10 times better looking than me" I pout.

"Yeah I know but if you see him again just don't talk to him until you want to say something mean or explode.


"Kay" I get cosy on the chair since its kinda cold and try to drift off to sleep. My eyes getting heavier and closes.

" hot is he?"

I shot my eyes open and say "Excuse me?"


"You heard what I said, how hot is he?"

"I don't know"

"C'mon. You have to know somehow. Okay um...try rating him to a celebrity"


"I don't really know that much of male celebrities"

"Just choose any famous person you know"

"Or how bout you say the names of the male celebs we know and I'll tell you"


"Okay. Uriah Shelton?"

"Nope he's not that cute but they'd both tie for 3rd place"

"Alright. How bout Gabriel Mathis?"

"NOT THAT HOT! Like Oh my god Gabriel is sooooo damn fucking hot/fucking sexy/so damn fine/ so-"

"Okay Okay Okay. Enough already. Moving on. How bout um...Luke Hemmings"

"Who the hell is that?"



"No. Or else I would've been laughing. Can you give a description"

"Blonde hair, blue eyes, very tall, in a rock band with three other members. They live here in Australia"

"Sorry, doesn't ring a bell. But your description gave a precise detail of how the dude was looking"


"Really? Fine then" she grabbed her jacket and walked to the front door.

"Wait, where are you going?" I stood up quickly.

"Out on a date with Xander"

"Ugh. Xander"

"Hey, don't be ugh-ing my boyfriend"


"Sorry, its just"

"You sure?"

"Yeah its nothing"

"Okay then" she puts on her jacket.


"So what am I gonna do when you're gone?"

"I don't know, go to the music store and find the guy that didn't give you his name and give him a piece of your mind"

"What if he's not there"


"Oh he'll be there alright. It always happens in the movies"

"But we're not in a movie"

"BYE UNIQUE!" she left quickly and shut the door gently.


Ugh. I walked into my room and looked for some clothes to change into. I took out my black denim jeans, my white tank top, blue flannel shirt, grey beanie and black ugg boots and placed them on.


Yup. It was that cold. But not cold enough to wear coats and mittens.

I took out a granola bar from the kitchen cupboard and headed out.




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