She's Kinda Hot

5 seconds of summer gets a 3 month vacation. One day when Luke Hemmings goes to his favorite music store, he bumps into a hot girl named Unique Alexander. What happens when they become close friends? When he brings her home? When all the members of 5 seconds of summer fall for her.
Read to find out.


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Luke's P.O.V


"Wow. Last night was so intense!" Luke and the other three walks into their favorite store called 'Jumping Buster's Music Store'


"I know right! Meeting up with Hey Violet and performing at the TCA's. It was all so great" Ash told us.


"Can you guys just please stop talking for a second?! I've got a headache"


"Aw. Poor Mikey's got a wittle headache" Calum spoke like a baby and messing up his hair.


"Stop it!" he storms off. Calum follows behind him to make sure he's okay while Ash looks around for who knows what.


Since we're on a 3 month vacation, we'd might as well relax, have some fun and meet our family once again.


I went to the aisle that has all the rock music. There were so many of my favorite songs. I just couldn't cho- OUCH!


I found myself laid on the floor. I looked up from where I was and saw a kinda hot girl on the floor as well with scattered cds everywhere.


"Oops. Sorry sir, my mistake" she got up and offered me a hand.

"Its okay. And you don't have to say sir" I took her hand, got up and stared at her beautiful brown eyes.


Her perfect and silky brown hair caressed over her right shoulder.

We gently let go of each other's hands. She then got on her knees and began picking up her cds.


"Need any help?" I asked her.

"No thank you. I've got it" Even her smile leaves me breathless, speechless, hearth-pounding, deep breathes and shaky hands. It truly is a pleasant sight.


"Uh, are you okay?" she got up with hands filled.

"Huh? Why wo-wouldn't I be?"

"Cause you're just staring at me there with your nervousness" she giggled.

"Oh. Am I?"


"Yeah" she began walking away so I followed her.

"'s your name?"


"Unique Alexander"

"Wow. That's so...unique" Wow Luke. That was a terrible joke.

"Haha yeah I guess"


"I see that your a fan of Nirvanna and Greenday"

"Yeah. They totally rock"


She got to the register and purchased her cds.

"So Unique, when will we see each other again?"


"I don't know. Maybe when I come back here and we bump into each other again"

"Sounds like a plan"


"Okay then. Bye"

"Bye" I waved at her right after she left.


I then searched around the store looking for the boys.

"ASH?!...MICHAEL?!...CAL?!" I shouted.


Where are those rascals?

You leave them alone for just 20 minutes and they're gone?


45 minutes later, still getting worried, I believe that they're not here so I just probably go home.

I can't believe they ditched me like that.


*At Home*


I opened the front door and to my surprise, a sleeping Michael on the couch, a potato chip eating Calum and TV watching Ashton.



"What?" Ashton and Calum both questioned.



"We're sorry bro but you were just so busy checking out some girl" Cal took another bite of the chips.


"She's not just some girl!...and I wasn't checking her out"

"Sure you weren't" he rolled his eyes.


"I can do without the sarcasm please" I plop down on the seat next to Ash.

"Sorry man"


"So who was she?" Ash spoke out.

"Her name's Unique, just met her"


"And when will we meet her"

"I don't know"


"Well from my opinion, from a very far distance, she looks really hot" Calum smirked.

"Kinda hot" Ash jumped in.

"No super hot" Mikey mumbled from his so called 'sleep'.



"What's your problem dude?"

"Yeah" Ash and Cal questioned.


"You just can't talk about a girl like that based on how she looking! Or what she's wearing! Its about her personality. She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile even if she was sad. No, she wasn't beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul" I told them.


"Wow...that was quite a touching speech" Ash said as if he was about to tear up.

"I agree" Calum joins.


"Thank you" I took a deep breath and turned to face the television.

"But she's still hot tho" Calum high-fived Ashton.


I just rolled my eyes and continued watching the TV.



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