The boy with the white hair and the girl with the one leg

A hijack fic
Jack Frosts sister dies from drowning in an icy lake and his family moves away from his home town. But after 6 years they decide to move back. He meets a creative girl name Hiccup and starts to realize he's falling for her.

Hiccup Haddocks brother dies protecting her from a fire. Well most of her. She ends up losing a leg cause of the fire and for the past five years she has been bullied and outcasted. That is until Jack shows up and starts becoming her friend.

Things start off good but what happens when one of jacks uncles comes for a visit? Or when a new kid shows up to school during Hiccups senior year of high school and has a special interest in her?


6. Chapter 6

"This is your brothers grave isn't it?" I asked.

"Yup. I come here when I just need a break from reality it's a good spot to think." She said as she was kicking the ground. "He's not really buried here though we gave him a Viking funeral and sent him off to Valhalla. Here is just an empty coffin I asked my parents to get so I can come and talk to him. To keep him close."

"Larry said that it was"

"My fault?" She finished as she scratched the back of her neck. "Yeah one time him and his friends caught me here in one of my rants of how I felt like his death was my fault. And we'll they took that opportunity to try to make my life worse then what it already was."

"What exactly happened?" I asked.

"First lets get comfy then I'll tell you." She said as she walked over to me and pulled out a pillow and two blankets from the backpack I had on. "Sorry I only bring one pillow."

"It's fine here." I take the stuff and lay the pillow and one of the blankets down, I lean against the pillow, "you can use me as a pillow."

"Um ok." Said Hiccup and I'm pretty sure I saw her slightly blush. She sat down and leaned against me as I wrapped the other blanket around us. It was getting slightly chilly and I was glad she had a spare jacket for me and the blanket kept my legs warm considering I was in my shorts.

"So me and my brother went to a museum exhibit that was going to talk about dragons. My brother loved dragons and he kinda rubbed that off on me. It was such a good day. But I guess the last day is always the best since you don't know it's going to be the end. I remember he hugged me as we were passing by a statue of a dragon and asked if I was having a good time. Just then I remember the blast of a bomb that went off. I slightly remember trying to move but I couldn't I felt something covering me and everything slowly faded to black. When I came to I was in the hospital. They said my brother had managed to shield me from the fire well most of me. But we had been knocked out. My brother was burned to a crisp and they were surprised I survived. After that things got hard. I my asthma got worse, it didn't help that I would wake up having panic attacks, my parents basically shut down, the bullying only got worse."

"Why don't you fight back?" I asked honestly she looked like she could take down someone she may look small but she always talked tall and it made her seem unique.

"I fight back in my own way. Steal their pencils on test days, make stuff go missing or just strangely happen. My brother taught me that some fights just aren't worth it. Save your energy for when your life really is in danger." She said as she slightly shrugged. "And it really doesn't bother me much. They say freak I say genius, they say weird I say unique. People try to make fun of things they don't understand. Sure it made things harder at first but slowly I realized who I really was and what I needed to do. I picked myself up and dusted myself off. Started doing things around the house cause my mom had stopped and everything was started to become a mess. Slowly everything started to get fixed and me and parents finally talked about what happened. We all decided to go to therapy and it helped a lot. Slowly we became a happy family again. We still have our bad days but we pull through."

"Wow." I said.

"What?" She asked guess it was my turn to let out my feelings.

"It's just when my sister died. I mean. Yeah I got depressed but I just pushed away a lot of people and started to get into trouble so we moved. But it didn't really help if anything I got worse I was hanging with the wrong crowd I was trying to forget my sister forget who I was but I just felt empty. When we came back I going to try to find my old friends or hang out with people that were like the ones back at my other place. But then here you come along taking me by surprise. I came back and I just realized how fake everybody was but not you. No you were the first person that just seemed so real yet so different. You became yourself while I just pushed away and became something my sister would have despised."

"Everyone deals with death in different ways. Is that why you had that weird look when Rachael came up to you?" She said.

"Yeah I use to hang out with her my parents didn't really like her and after awhile she was starting to get annoying and very very clingy."

"Yeah well she's your typical popular girl I guess." Said hiccup, just then I noticed her prosthetic leg was sticking out of the blanket.

"What was it like trying to walk on a prosthetic leg at first?" I asked and mentally face palmed myself that was a stupid question.

"Heh um it was pretty hard. My parents tried to help but it was frustrating me a lot. I kept tripping. After some time I actually took it apart and that's when I realized that there was something wrong with it. I repaired it and put it back together and that's what made me start becoming who I am." she said as she looked at her leg.

"So what's with the new colors?" I asked looking at her jacket.

"Heh I guess you figured out that we have some pretty distinct colors. Red and black were my brothers colors. This was actually his jacket but I modified it to fit me. Sometimes I like to throw a little red into my clothes or something. It keeps him close." She said hugging the jacket closer to her.

"Your brother would be proud of you." I said.

"You think so?" She asked.

"Yeah your crazy smart and an amazing drawer. Your cooking seems to be amazing. Not to mention you seem to make some awesome inventions." I said.

"Yeah those take a lot of work."

"What was that rug thing you used on me?" I asked.

"Oh that's suppose to suck up whatever has been spilled and it reads if you've been burn and it like sends out a cooling sensation to help the skin. It's been a big step to what I'm trying to achieve which is a thin patch that you apply to burn victims to help heal their wounds." She said.

"I'm guessing that has something to do with your close encounter with fire?" I asked.

"Pretty much. I want to make inventions that help people. That can fix the impossible. I've made so many advancements on my legs but like I said I want to take my time with my life." She said.

"Well I think your going to make a big impact on this world." I said. "But in the meantime you have a life to live how you choose to live it is up to you."

"Thanks Jack that's means a lot." She said just then I heard her phone go off. She pulled it out and turned off the alarm. "We should head back home."

We got up and put the things away. We got on the bike and road off. When we got to her house we have each other a tight hug then went to our houses. I went to sleep thinking that with Hiccup I was definitely going to be in for the ride of my life.

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