The boy with the white hair and the girl with the one leg

A hijack fic
Jack Frosts sister dies from drowning in an icy lake and his family moves away from his home town. But after 6 years they decide to move back. He meets a creative girl name Hiccup and starts to realize he's falling for her.

Hiccup Haddocks brother dies protecting her from a fire. Well most of her. She ends up losing a leg cause of the fire and for the past five years she has been bullied and outcasted. That is until Jack shows up and starts becoming her friend.

Things start off good but what happens when one of jacks uncles comes for a visit? Or when a new kid shows up to school during Hiccups senior year of high school and has a special interest in her?


5. Chapter 5

We had finished early and now we were laying on my garbage bag covered mattress listening to music. We were laying down so that our heads were side by side but her body was one way and mine was the other way. And my iPod was in between. Just then a Shake it off start playing and Hiccup started to laugh.

"Excuse me what is so funny?" I said pretending to be offended.

"Really you like Taylor Swift?" She asked in between giggles.

"Hey now don't criticize my music." I said.

"I'm not criticizing I'm just questioning the fact that someone like yourself is into Taylor Swift." she stated.

"Ok yes because she sings what I feel." I said and she just laughed even more.

"Oh my god you did not just quote Pitch Perfect." She said rolling to her side and laughing.

"Hey hey hey stop if we're gonna be making fun of music taste how about we talk about yours." I said.

"What about my music?" She asked.

"Yeah have the most random play list. Like seriously it goes from like alternative music to pop to Disney-"

"Oh really says the guy who was singing along to 'Under the Sea'"

"Hey that is a really catchy song. And also what is up with the folk music?"

"Ok that is because I'm Viking but hey it's good music."

"Wait your Viking?" I asked sitting up and turning to look at her.

"Yeah my family comes from a little place called Berk" she said looking up at me.

"Huh well how about that." I said

"Jack I'm home but there's a car blocking my way to the garage." Said my mom. "Also I need help with the groceries"

"Oh damn what time is it?" Said Hiccup as she checked her phone. "Oh yeah I have to get home if I wanna work on my leg, I'll be back around 7 that good?"

"Yeah that should be good." I said as I helped her up. She grabbed her bag and headed out and I followed her.

"Oh who's this?" Asked my mom.

"Mom this is Hiccup, Hiccup this is my mom." I said.

"Hello Mrs. Frost sorry for blocking your drive way I'm heading out right now." Said Hiccup as she shook my moms hand.

"Oh that's ok. Say you look familiar." Said my mom as she looked at Hiccup.

"Heh yeah you helped put in my braces when I was like 8." Said Hiccup with a small smile.

"Oh yes you had small gaps between your teeth." Said my mom.

"Yes well thank you for fixing that. Well I have to go it was nice meeting you." Said Hiccup.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner?" Asked my mom.

"Mom" I groaned.

"Heh it's ok Mrs. Frost I have to go work on something at home but I'm gonna be back at 7 to help Jack out with his room" said Hiccup.

"Oh well you can eat then work on his room."

"Sounds good." Said Hiccup as she neared the door.

"Oh and bring your parents too!" Said my mom.

"Mooooom" I groaned.

"Heh it's ok Jack, yeah I'll bring them too." Said Hiccup as she left "bye!" She waved as she neared her truck.

"She seems nice." Said mom as she turned and looked at me.

"Yeah she is." I said.

"She looks kinda young though." She said.

"Huh I honestly didn't notice. The way she talks sometimes I wonder if we're even the same age." I said.

"Do you like her?" Asked my mom.

"What mom I just met her!" I said and she just chucked.

"Ok ok help me out with the groceries. And why are you covered with paint?" Said my mom as we walked out.

"Oh she was helping with painting my room and we got into a paint war." I said.

Earlier we were putting the snowflakes on and she painted my cheek and I ended up painting her whole arm and it got a bit out of hand.

After I helped my mom with the groceries I decided to take a shower to wash off all the paint. I got out and put on a pair of light brown shorts and a blue t-shirt. I looked out my window and say Hiccup sitting on the bench by her window staring intently at a book. She had her glasses on and she was in some brown shorts and a baggy green long sleeve. She must have felt me staring because after awhile she looked out her window and met my eyes. She smile and waved then I say her grab her phone and a few seconds later my phone was ringing.

"Mr. Frost are you spying on me?" She asked when I answered.

"No I just happened to notice you when I looked out my window." I replied. "So what are you reading?"

"Just some calculations I think I almost got it down I'm gonna work on my leg in a bit." She said as she looked out the window at me.

"Is that bench like your reading spot?" I asked staring at her.

"Yeah pretty much it gets pretty comfy here. Sometimes I'll even sleep here. Or just sit and stare into the sky at night." She said.

"Hmm well then I might need to get a bench for my window." I said and I saw her smile.

"Hey do you like muffins?" She asked.

"Um yeah I guess why?" I asked

"Cause I might bring some if that's ok. There's this recipe that I've been wanting to try and well now is a good enough moment." She said.

"Yeah go ahead bring some." I said.

"Ok we'll see you in a few Mr. Frost." She said.

"Heh see you Hic." I said she hung up and left her room.

I decided to play some video games while I waiting for dinner time to roll around. I was really focused on my game that I didn't realize how fast the time past. I faintly heard the doorbell ring and my mom asking someone to get the door. I paused my game and rubbed my eyes, ugh they burned. I got got and stretched and realized my dad was sitting on the recliner. He had black pants and a red shirt on that showed off his tattoos.

"Oh hey dad when did you get home?" I asked as I made my way to open the door.

"Bout half an hour ago who's at the door?" He replied. I opened the door and there was Hiccup standing with a plate of muffins, she had a green t-shirt with a brown leather vest and a brown pair of shorts with dark brown ankle boots. Behind her was a woman with the same colored hair as Hiccup except she had some white hairs starting to show she had a tan dress and brown leggings with a pair of black flats. And next to her was a big man he seemed bigger then my dad with red hair and a beard and he was in a police uniform… Oh no.

"Hey Jack were not early are we?" She asked.

"Uh no come on in." I said as I stepped aside to let them in.

"Oh great they're here I just finished cooking come on in the kitchen. Honey food is ready!" Said my mom as she peeked into the hall way.

"Jack these are my parents Valka and Stoick Haddock." Said Hiccup as she gestured to her parents. "Mom dad this is Jack the new kid at school."

I shook their hands her mom gave me a smile but her dad eyed me for a while. I lead them to the kitchen and told them to take a seat.

"Oh who is this?" Asked my dad as he came into the kitchen.

"Dad this is Hiccup she showed me a round school today. And these are her parents." I said, I walked over to Hiccup and I could see her biting the inside of her lip. "Here I can take those." I said as I took the plate of muffins from her they looked good although they looked a bit red I wonder what kind they were.

"Thanks." She said with a small smile as she sat down next to her mom.

"My name is Stan nice to meet you." Said my dad as he shook Mr. Haddocks hand.

"Stoick like wise." He said.

"Valka" said Hiccups mom as she shook my dads hand.

"Jack help me serve dinner." Said my mom as she started getting the plates. We served the food and sat down.

"So Valka what do you do for a living?" Asked my mom as we started eating.

"Oh I work at a zoo mainly in the reptile area." She said.

"Oh interesting. And you Stoick?" Said my mom.

"I am the Chief of Police." He said with a hint of pride. Hiccup smiled when she saw me swallow my drink pretty hard.

"And what do you do Tara?" Asked Hiccups dad.

"Oh I'm a dentist for kids in fact it turns out Hiccup was one of my patients one time. Which reminds me how old are you Hiccup? You seem pretty young to be a senior." Said my mom. I wanted to face palm myself of course my mom would do something like this.

"Oh I'm not a senior I'm a junior and I'm 16." She said as she blushed a little bit. What she was 16? I was already 18 and yet she seemed older then me.

"Oh wow 16? But you seem so different." Said my dad.

"Our little Hiccup is basically a genius she just doesn't like to show off too much." Said her dad.

"Daaaaad. " she groaned as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

"What its true Hiccup?" Said her mom. "She skipped a year in middle school and is taking advanced classes this year. She would have been done a lot sooner but we all kind of suffered a set back."

"What happened?" Asked my mom.

"We lost our eldest son in a fire trying to protect our little Hiccup." Said Hiccups dad.

"Oh I am so sorry. We know what it's like I lose a child. Our youngest Jamie she died drowning in a lake." My mom said my dad held her hand since it was shaking.

I looked up at Hiccup and our eyes locked. I saw the pain in her eyes and I recognized that same look she had because it's the one I always wore when I looked in the mirror and thought of my sister. There was a silence in the room as we thought about our loved ones. Hiccup was the first to break the silence.

"You said your daughters name was Jamie?" She asked.

"Yes it was." Said my mom.

"You must have had a thing for names with the letter J." Said Hiccup.

"What makes you say that?" Asked my dad.

"Well Jack was your first born but your last name is also frost. I'm guessing you must have took advantage of that name and decided to name your child Jack Frost after the winter spirit. Now that means that either you met in the winter got married in the winter or Jack was going to be born in the winter. Or all of the above. Now I'm guessing you weren't really planning on having another child but just in case you did you started to prepare names you must have thought it be cute to have both of your kids have names with the letter J. So finally you settled on Jamie a unisex name to use in case you were to ever have a boy or a girl." Said Hiccup.

"How did you… That's just… Wow amazing." Said my mom a little speechless. "And you right all of the above what made you say that?"

"Just the fact that Jack seems to really like snowflakes and with the fact that his name is Jack Frost." She said with a smile.

"Impressive," said my dad, "so why the name Hiccup?"

"It's Viking tradition to give hideous names to frighten off trolls." Said Hiccups mom.

"Like our charming Viking demeanor didn't do that already." Mumbled Hiccup.

"Also because when I was pregnant of Hiccup every day I would get the hiccups. It became a joke that we should name the baby Hiccup. But when she finally came she didn't cry at first. She hiccuped. So that’s how she got her name." Said her mom.

Dinner went on with small talk about each others life. I glanced at Hiccup when ever I could. She would smile and blush at the comments her parents would make. Some times she would blush so hard her freckles would disappear. Around 8 with the help of both of our dads we put the furniture in my room. My bed on the far left corner. A night stand right next to it. My desk on the far right corner and my tv on the wall next to my door. And a mirror opposite to my window.

"Wow Hiccup you really outdid yourself." Said her mom.

"Oh and this isn't even the best part." She flicked the switch so that the light turned off and the snowflakes started to glow a soft blue color.

"Wow that's amazing." I said as I touched one of the snowflakes.

"That's it's a paint mix that I came up with." She said she was staring up at her master piece.

"Hiccup these muffins are amazing. Oh wow the room came out nice." Said my mom as she walked in eating a muffin.

"Thanks." Said Hiccup.

"We should probably get going." Said Hiccups dad as he looked at his watch.

"Right you two have school tomorrow." Said my dad. We said our goodbyes and Hiccup and her family took a muffin for each of them.

I took a muffin and got some milk and went up to my room. I turned on my tv and started flipping through channels. While I was mindlessly flipping through the channels my phone started to ring. I pick it up and see that it's Hiccup.


"Hello Mr. Frost, question does your house have a security system?" She asked

"Um no." I said, I looked out my window and saw that she was in a red t-shirt and black tight leather pants and she was putting on a black leather jacket that had a red left hand sleeve.

"Follow up question have you ever snuck out of your house?" She asks as she turns to look at me.

"My other house yes this house no but I can probably figure out a way." I said, what the heck was she planning?

"Good meet me in my back yard as soon as you can." She said and with that she hung up and opened up her window and I realized that she had a ladder right next to her window. It was hard to tell since it was painted the same color as the house but she slid down with such a grace it was mesmerizing.

I opened up my window and looked to the side there was a pole right next to my window. I shook it to make sure it was sturdy and it was. I held on and slid down the pole I turned and took off running across the yard and jumped up the fence twisted and landed in Hiccups yard.

"Impressive." She said.

"Thanks, so what's with the sneaking around?" I asked.

"All will be answered shortly here put this on." She said as she handed me a jacket a helmet, and a backpack. She turned and took off the cover off this figure that was beside her. It was a black slick motorcycle and in red had the words night fury written on the side.

"Wow nice." I said as I admired the bike.

"Thanks it belonged to my brother." She said as she stroked the bike, she grabbed her helmet and hoped on. I put on the helmet and jacket she gave me, slung the backpack over my shoulder and sat behind her. I noticed the red sleeve has a white patch that looked like a skull with a Viking helmet on. "Hold on tight." I wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Did you put a headset in the helmets?" I asked because it was like I could clearly hear her voice.

"Yup pretty neat huh." She started the bike but you could barely hear it, it sounded almost like a purr as it took off.

"Wow this is amazing." I said after awhile.

"First time on a motorcycle?" She asked.

"Yeah it feels great. It feels like you're…."

"Free." She finished I smiled and slightly held on a little tighter.

After awhile we finally pulled up to a cemetery she turned off her bike and we got off. She took off her helmet and I did the same. She stayed silent and I just looked around wondering what we were doing here.

"Follow me." She said as she started walking finally we reached a grave and you could see the engraving with the moon light.

Toothless Haddock

Beloved son and brother


Hiccup knees down and pulled out a rose from her jacket and placed it on the ground.

"Hey bud this is Jack Frost. Jack this is my brother." She said as she looked up at me. And it hit me. We were visiting her brothers grave.

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