The boy with the white hair and the girl with the one leg

A hijack fic
Jack Frosts sister dies from drowning in an icy lake and his family moves away from his home town. But after 6 years they decide to move back. He meets a creative girl name Hiccup and starts to realize he's falling for her.

Hiccup Haddocks brother dies protecting her from a fire. Well most of her. She ends up losing a leg cause of the fire and for the past five years she has been bullied and outcasted. That is until Jack shows up and starts becoming her friend.

Things start off good but what happens when one of jacks uncles comes for a visit? Or when a new kid shows up to school during Hiccups senior year of high school and has a special interest in her?


4. Chapter 4

The rest of the day kinda dragged but once the bell rang I followed Hiccup to her locker.

"I gotta change but I'll meet you outside." She said as she pulled out a duffle bag from her locker.

"Okay I'll meet you outside." I said she took off the bath room and I went to go wait buy the doors. There were some benches outside so I sat down and decided to doodle in my binder. I was drawing little swirls up the edges of my paper making little snowflakes when I heard a voice by my ear.

"Hey whatcha doin?" Asked Hiccup.

"Jeeze!" I jumped a little and she laughed. I was about to say something to her when I noticed what she was wearing. Woah. She had on a full body suit that looked like it was made of leather it almost looked like armor there was a lot of pieces that held the thing together. Her left prosthetic leg was exposed but it looked sturdy.

"You ready to go?" She asked.

"Um yeah. Yeah my car is that way." I said as I pointed to my light blue sonic.

"Okay well my ride is right there so just come close and I'll follow you." She said as she pointed to a motorcycle that that three wheels one in the front and two in the back.

"Sweet ride." I said.

"Thanks." She said as she made her way down the stairs. I went over to my car pulled out of my driving spot and went near Hiccup. I looked in my rear view mirror at her. She was putting her duffle bag in the back of the motorcycle she took out a helmet that almost looked like a dragon face and put it on. She hopped on her cycle and started it. Once she was behind me I started driving checking every now and then just to make sure she was still there.

I pulled up to my house and parked the car in the garage. I walked out and opened the front door. I let Hiccup go in first.

"Wow nice place." She said.

"Thanks nice outfit." I said.

"Thanks designed it myself it's a prototype." She said looking around the hallway as she walked and turned to face the living room. "I see that your bedroom furniture is still here."

"Yeah I wanted to paint my room first before I moved anything up there. And prototype for what?" I said.

"This suit is suppose to protect me if I ever crash. There's a sensor in my leg that's locked on the the bike when active if the bike comes into contact with something it sends a signal to my suit which makes a small parachute come out that pulls you away from slamming into whatever."

"Wow impressive." I was surprised she was still in high school with that kind of skill.

"So where's your room?" She asked.

"Oh right up stairs." I said as I went up the stairs and took a left once I got up my room was right in front. I opened the door and I could hear Hiccup laugh.

"Haha yeah I can see why you wanna paint your room." She said looking around. "It's really spacious."

"You should see the bathroom it's the size of a room." I said.

"Your house is almost like mine." She said as she went to the bathroom. "Except we have four bedrooms and a basement. Woah nice walk in closet."

"Thanks I barley finished putting everything in." I said kicking my mattress a bit.

She walked back out and went towards my window. She looked out and kind of chuckled.

"You know you can see my room from here." She said.

"What no way." I said as I walked over to her side.

"Yeah I'm right next door to the house behind you. See you can see the edge of my bed and my tv and the little bench by my window. Look you can even kinda see my art room." She said pointing to the widows at the house that was I little bit off to the right.

"Huh well that's pretty convenient." I said.

"Yeah I guess it is. Ok well I'll go get the supplies and be right back I suggest finding something to cover your mattress." She said as she started to head out the door.

"Ok well see you in a bit." I said she smiled at me before she went out the door.

I decided to change into some gray sweats and an old white tank top. I went down to the kitchen and got some cereal to munch on while I waited. After about 15 mins there was a knock at the door and I went to go open it.

"Hey Hiccup come on in." I said as I stepped aside to let her come in.

"Thanks. Ok so it's 3 if I start painting I should be done by 5 the latest. I can go home work on my leg and come back and help you arrange your furniture." She said stepping in she was in a green shirt and some overalls. She was carrying some buckets of paint. And she had a big bag at her side

"Ok sounds good. Do you need help?" I said.

"I'm good but if you can bring down the big fan that's in my truck. And the other bucket of paint." She said as she started to make her way to the stairs.

I went out and grabbed the stuff from her small black ford truck. And went back into the house and went up the stairs. Went I went into my room she was already prepping the primer and had her bag open with all the tools laid out.

"Interesting way to cover up your bed." She said. I had covered my bed with garbage bags and duct tape.

"Well it's the best I could come up with on short notice." I said scratching the back of my head

"Ok you can start on that wall over there and I'll work here and we'll meet up in the middle. Do you have asthma?" She said. As she slid a pan of primer to my side and started to put on a mask.

"Um no." I said picking up the roller as she opened up a pouch from her bag.

"Ok then wear this." She said as she handed me a mask different from hers.

"Do you have asthma?" I asked as I took the mask and put it on.

"Yeah it wasn't too bad though till about 5 years ago." She said as she started to paint the wall with primer.

"Why five years ago?"

"I got in a small incident regarding fire and it messed up my lungs more then they already were." She said.

"Um is that why you have a prosthetic leg?" I asked. She was quiet for awhile.

"Yeah. Jack if you wanna ask about my past you can don't be afraid." She said.

"I know it's just you've been really nice not prying too much with my life I just wanted to do the same." I said.

"Yeah well you're the first person to try to at least have a conversation with me instead of pushing me away when they hear the rumors. So honestly I don't mind if you have questions." She said.

"How about we talk about things once we get to know each other a bit more?" I asked.

"Hmmm sounds good Mr. Frost." She said.

"Did you just call me Mr. Frost?" I asked honestly I kinda liked it coming from her.

"Maybe, if you don't like it I won't say it again." She said

"No no it's fine." I said turning around to look at her.

"Well then Mr. Frost ready for another round of questions?" She asked as she turned around to smirk at me.

"Fire away" I said as we kept painting my room.

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