The boy with the white hair and the girl with the one leg

A hijack fic
Jack Frosts sister dies from drowning in an icy lake and his family moves away from his home town. But after 6 years they decide to move back. He meets a creative girl name Hiccup and starts to realize he's falling for her.

Hiccup Haddocks brother dies protecting her from a fire. Well most of her. She ends up losing a leg cause of the fire and for the past five years she has been bullied and outcasted. That is until Jack shows up and starts becoming her friend.

Things start off good but what happens when one of jacks uncles comes for a visit? Or when a new kid shows up to school during Hiccups senior year of high school and has a special interest in her?


3. Chapter 3

Hiccup led me to the guys locker room and said the teacher should be inside and to ask him for a uniform. She turned around and headed back to the girls locker room. I went in and found the teacher and he gave me a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that was slightly baggy.

"Your gonna have to bring your own sweats when winter comes around." He said. He led me to an empty locker and I started to change once he walked away. I had just finished changing when a guy walked up to me.

"You’re the new kid huh." He said. He was pretty big muscle wise but I was taller.

"Um yeah." I said.

"Just so you know you don't have to always hang out with the freak." He said blankly. Freak? Was he talking about Hiccup?

"Um excuse me did you just refer to Hiccup as a freak?" I asked what the heck was wrong with this guy.

"Don't you know she got her own brother killed." He said. What? She has a brother… Well had? I was about to ask him what the heck was he talking about but then the bell rang and we had to walk out.

I looked around trying to find Hiccup when I finally found her close to the end of the hall on the gym hallway. I walked towards her she was wearing a shirt similar to mine and some grey basketball shorts. And that's when I realized why she walked with a limp. Because right underneath her left knee was a prosthetic leg. At first he thought she was wearing a weird sock because the leg was blue and had this sort of wiring that looked almost like leg muscles. But then I realized it wasn't socks cause she only had it on one leg. I shook my head don't stare it's rude. I kept walking up to her. She was doing stretches moving around her prosthetic leg and stretching out her arms.

"Hey" I said.

"Oh hey what's up?" She asked.

"Nothing. So like is class like all together or is it split?"

"Yes and no. There's girls gym and guys gym but the classes sometimes get together every other day or so. Today happens to be a together day so let's see what happens." She explained just then the girls P.E. Teacher blow her whistle to get everyone's attention.

"Okay listen up! Today we are going to play dodge ball. The team captains are Larry and Rachael." Said the teacher and I heard Hiccup groan.

We walked to the gym and waiting for the captains to start picking. Larry went first.

"New guy get over here" he said. I looked at Hiccup but she was fidgeting with her fingers. I went and stood behind him.

They kept calling names till there was only two people left a small boy that was probably a freshman and Hiccup. And it was Larry's turn. Please pick Hiccup please pick Hiccup.

"Josh" he said damn it. I heard Rachael groan as Hiccup made her way over to her group. Jeeze these guys were harsh.

We started to play and Hiccup was doing pretty good. I was trying to focus on the game but also I wanted to see how she was doing. She was dodging left and right she's ages to catch one of the balls that they threw at her face but right when she was going to run and throw it back some thing happened that her prosthetic leg seemed to not move and she fell. Just then I hear Larry shout.

"Aim for the freak!" Just then a bunch of people from my team threw their balls at Hiccup as she curled up to try to protect herself. I rushed over to her side getting hit in the process .

"New guy the hell are you doing!?" Shouted Larry but I ignored him. And I heard one of the teachers yelling at him and some of the students. Once I got to Hiccup I made she wasn't hurt.

"Hey," I said softly " need a lift?"

"Um yeah just to the bleachers." She said she held up her hand but I picked her up instead and carried her over.

"Those guys are jerks." I said as I set her down. She didn't say anything she just looked down and leaned a bit on my shoulder. I sat her down on the bleachers and she stretched out her prosthetic leg.

"I thought I had the locking problem solved I must've done my math wrong." She said.

"Locking problem?" I asked as I took a seat next to her and watched her as she took off her leg and bring it up so she could inspect it. Just under her knee she had a nub. She took the sneaker off the leg and pressed something on the calf that made a small tool kit pop out.

"I've been trying to make an athletic leg that can adapt to most sports. I tried using wiring to act more like the muscles in a body but even then the calibration equation still seems to be off it tends to lock after a while. Almost how you get cramps from doing to much only it happens a lot quicker then with a human." She started messing around with the ankle part of her leg but then it made this weird pop noise and a poof of smoke went up.

"Oh great looks like I'm gonna have to take it home to fix it." She said as she put the tool kit away and brought up her knee so she can rest her chin on it.

I wanted to get to know her more but I didn't want to sound rude or anything especially with how nice she's been with me. So I decided to go a different route instead.

"Hey so you’re a pretty creative person right?" I asked.

"Um well yeah I'm pretty good at art and stuff why?" She asked looking up.

"Well you see my room is painted a color I really don't want and I was wondering if maybe you can come over and help me paint and possibly organize my room up a bit?" I asked. I really only had my mattress on the floor and my clothes in my closet, most of my furniture was still in the living room. Not to mention my room was painted pink.

"Um yeah sure any particular color you had in mind?" She asked.

"Well like a periwinkle blue. And oh could you maybe make an awesome snow fall pattern of it isn't too much to ask?" I said

"Heh yeah sure it'll be fun just wait for me after school so I can follow you over to your place and see your room so I can get an idea how to decorate it." She said with a small smile.

"Awesome and I'll help you out if I can." I said.

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