The boy with the white hair and the girl with the one leg

A hijack fic
Jack Frosts sister dies from drowning in an icy lake and his family moves away from his home town. But after 6 years they decide to move back. He meets a creative girl name Hiccup and starts to realize he's falling for her.

Hiccup Haddocks brother dies protecting her from a fire. Well most of her. She ends up losing a leg cause of the fire and for the past five years she has been bullied and outcasted. That is until Jack shows up and starts becoming her friend.

Things start off good but what happens when one of jacks uncles comes for a visit? Or when a new kid shows up to school during Hiccups senior year of high school and has a special interest in her?


2. Chapter 2

I was walking through the hall trying to make since of my schedule and the map when I bumped into a someone and felt a burning sensation on my chest.

"Oh gods I am so sorry here um here follow me I can fix that." the girl spoke so fast and turned around I barley had time to process what had happened so I followed after her. The girl was small and skinny and her hair was a brownish color that was braided to the side and she seemed to walk with a limp. She turned to the left and opened up a locker.

"This gives me the chance to try out my new invention." she said as she pulled out a rag. She turned to face me her eyes were green and she had a small brown fur vest on with a green long sleeve shirt brown skinny jeans and brown leather boots. She pressed the rag to me and the burning sensation went away after a few seconds she pulled the rag away. I looked down and there was no indication that there had been a spill on my jacket.

"Amazing it worked." she beamed as she pulled out a small leather note book from her vest and wrote something into it.

"Um hi I'm.." I was about to introduce myself but she cut me off.

"Jack Frost son of Stan and Tara Frost. Your father owns one of the biggest toy stores in the nation and your mother is a dentist for kids. You use to live here six years ago but moved and now your back for senior year." she said as while she was still scribbling into her notebook.

"How did you?.."

"Know all that.. Did you know you can use your brain as a computer as long as you choose to use it as one. For example if you try to imagine the inside of your brain more like all the tabs on a computer it is a lot easier to store memories and access them. So I try my best to fill it on everyone that I come to meet and with all the information I learn at school in order for my memory to try to be in the best condition as possible as I grow older. My name is Hiccup by the way Hiccup Haddock nice to meet you. May I see your schedule?" She asked.

I fumbled with the papers in my hand and handed her the schedule. She took one glance at it then handed it back.

"We have three out of six classes. I'm guessing gym wasn't mandatory where you use to go which explains why we have it together. We also have art and English together. We have math at the same time but we have different teachers. You have survival class and oh correction we have four classes together I TA your science class." She said at a pretty fast pace it was almost hard to keep up with this girl. "And sorry about the coffee spill"

"Oh um it's ok no big deal. Um I'm guessing you’re the girl the office told me about?" I said.

"Yeah I can show you around the school for the morning but you'll probably find someone to hang out by lunch so you'll fit right in. Come on follow me we have math to get to." I walked beside her getting glances from people that were mainly staring at my hair. Geeze not even at my other school would I get looks like this. Then something finally clicked in my head. She new I had moved away from this place but did she know why?

"Um you mentioned about me moving do you know why?" I asked.

"Yeah but I know how touchy that topic can be so I decided I would wait till you wanted to talk about it." She said as she looked up at me and gave a sincere smile.

Wow I thought. She's been the only one who has actually been normal to me. She didn't look at me weird cause of my hair she didn't bug me about what happened with my sister. And also she was kind of cute. Which was weird since I didn't really go for girls that were like her but there was something about her.

"Okay here's your class mines the one next door. The bathrooms are down the hall the right and there's a water fountain there too." She said "I can meet you outside the door if you'd like."

"Yeah sure that's fine." I said.

"Good luck" she said as she smiled and turned away.

I watched her as she made her way to get class. I could she her through the glass and I noticed she sat at one of the back corners. I went into my class and showed the teacher my schedule he pointed me to an open desk near the wall in the middle I sat in a way to look out the hallway window and spotted Hiccup putting on some glasses and taking out a leather notebook. Man this girl really liked leather. He looked at her more closely she had some freckles across her cheeks, she had a necklace on a leather cord with a metallic colored dragon. Her eyes looked intense as she read through her notes then the bell rang and snapped me out of the gaze I had on her.

The class went by pretty fast and I stepped out of the class waiting by the door as I watched Hiccup put her note book away in her vest. How the heck could she do that without it falling out. Just then my view was cut but this blond girl who decide to step in front of me.

"Hey there pretty eyes." She said with a smile. This girl wore way to much perfume and pink for my taste.

"Um hi." I said a little flatly.

"Wait oh my gosh Jack Frost is that really you?" She asked. I looked her and realized it was Rachael. Oh great.

"Oh my god how have you been? Why did you guys move back? I honestly didn't expect to see you after what happened to your poor sister." She said and he could hear the fake pity in her voice.

"Hey Jack you ready for English?" Said Hiccup. Oh thank god I thought.

"Yes!" I said I little too soon as I got out of Rachael's gaze and stood next to Hiccup. As we walked away I could feel her eyes burning into my back. "I owe you" I said to Hiccup.

"Heh don’t worry about it its fine." she said with a smile. She had her hands in her pockets and it seemed like she was fidgeting with something.

"Aren't you gonna ask what that was all about?" I ask.

"Eh I don’t really like to pry much unless the person feels comfortable talking." she said with a shrug. This girl was leaving me speechless.

"Well if you want to ask questions you can go ahead." I said.

"Hmm how about at lunch that is if the cool kids don’t get to you first." she said.

"Heh um ok then." I said as she walked into a class room and I followed behind her.

The first half of the day went by pretty fast before I knew it I was getting lunch and trying to find Hiccup. We got separated when I had my survival class I finally spotted her at the back of the cafeteria with a bunch of notebooks laid out. Where the heck did she get al of those. I walked to her she wasn’t paying attention so I got behind her and looked over her shoulder. There were at least five big notebooks and one small one she was tapping her pencil on the small notebook she had in front of her. One notebook had her math notes, another had a suit design on it, the other had designs for what looked to be prosthetic limbs, another seems to contain drawings of engine parts and another just had sketches on them the small one she was studying had a drawing of the rag she had used on me when she spilled her coffee on me. Hmm maybe I should buy her some coffee some day. I leaned down beside her and whispered.

"Hey watcha doin?" she jumped a little and turned to face me.

"Oh gods you scared me." she said.

"Haha sorry, mind if I sit down?" I asked.

"Sure go ahead." she said, I sat down next to her and she scooted away from me just a bit.

"So what are you doing?" I asked.

"just working on some of my sketch ideas for my inventions." she said looking back down a her notebook. She sat cross legged and her tray was on her lap she took her apple and started munching on it.

"You’re an inventor?" I ask.

"Yup I try to make things that could possibly come in handy in the near future. I'm so close to figuring out my latest one." she said.

"That’s actually pretty cool." I said. "So any questions you would like to ask me?"

"Hmmm ok lets start with simple questions favorite color?" she asked as she closed u most of her notebooks except for the one with all the sketches. She took that one and stared drawing in it

"Heh blue." I said pointing to my hoodie.

"Favorite food?"

"Does ice cream count?" I asked.

"Heh yeah I guess." she aid. It went on like this for a while till she finally asked.

"So why the white hair?"

"Oh um I dyed it after what happened with my um sister." I said not really meeting her gaze.

"So I'm guessing you’re a brunette?"

"Yeah." huh not the question I was expecting.

"Of all the colors you could have picked why did you pick white?" she asked.

"It was the most ridiculous color of hair I could think of."

"No the most ridiculous would be pink" she said with a smile.

"Hm point taken I don't know I think maybe cause of the way I lost my sister. I wanted to keep away the fact of how much I looked like her but I guess I'm not really ready to let go so I dyed my hair the color of snow." I hand looked away from her but I felt her hand on top of mine I looked at her and she looked like she was going to say something but then the bell rang.

She got up and started tucking the notebooks away in her vest. We threw our trash way and started heading to the gym.

"How do you keep all your notebooks in there?" I asked.

"I have pockets sewn into my vest to keep them in there" she said.

"Huh that is pretty clever." I said.

"Thanks now hurry up we gotta get to gym so we have enough time to change." she said as she started to walk a little faster. Oh fun gym I thought sarcastically.

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