The boy with the white hair and the girl with the one leg

A hijack fic
Jack Frosts sister dies from drowning in an icy lake and his family moves away from his home town. But after 6 years they decide to move back. He meets a creative girl name Hiccup and starts to realize he's falling for her.

Hiccup Haddocks brother dies protecting her from a fire. Well most of her. She ends up losing a leg cause of the fire and for the past five years she has been bullied and outcasted. That is until Jack shows up and starts becoming her friend.

Things start off good but what happens when one of jacks uncles comes for a visit? Or when a new kid shows up to school during Hiccups senior year of high school and has a special interest in her?


1. Chapter 1

"Jack help me!" Cried out Jamie I tried to run through the forest getting cut by branches and tripping over roots.

"Jack!!" The voice called out.

"I'm coming Jamie I'm almost there!" I shouted I got to the icy lake but stopped when I got to the edge. Why did I stop? I couldn't move my feet were glued to the ground.

"Jamie!!" I shouted to the little girl standing in the middle of the lake with the ice cracking around her feet. She slowly turned and faced me. Her eyes were black and looked like she was crying ink.

"It should've been you." she says as the ice breaks and she falls through.

"No!!!" I shout and I wake up gasping for air. I look over at my alarm clock and realized a woke up an hour too early for school. I sighed well there's no way I'm gonna be able to go back to sleep so I got up and decided to take a shower. I stood there till the hot water ran out. When I got out I looked at my reflection. My skin was pale and my eyes were blue and my hair was as white as snow. It wasn't like that naturally I dyed it after the incident. My sister died 6 years ago after she fell into an icy lake and froze to death. We looked the same the only difference was that her eyes were brown. But we had the exact same hair color that was until I dyed it.

We had moved away after her death. And I was glad there were to many painful memories of her. And I was getting way too much pity from people. They didn't know anything about how it feels to lose your closest friend.

But my parents decided to move back my senior year of high school. I would have protested but I really had no other choice I wasn't doing so well in school so this was suppose to be another fresh start for me.

Once I dried up I got dressed I put on a dark blue t-shirt and a blue hoodie with brown skinny jeans and black boots. I looked into the mirror and messed my hair up a bit. I went down stairs and cooked myself some breakfast. I was halfway done when my mom came down the stairs.

"You're up early." She said.

"Yeah kinda decided to have an early start." I casually lied. I looked up and saw my mom was in her dentist get up. She had brown hair cut into a pixie cut. And she had green eyes. She was small but never underestimate her she could get fierce when she wanted to.

"You got the dentist job here?" I asked.

"Yeah, turns out they were in need of one." She said.

"I'm guessing dad has the store up and running already?" I ask. My dad is a big man with blue eyes he's not that old but he already had white hair and a beard. He owns toy stores around the nation which is why it's pretty easy for us to move when we want.

"Yeah he took off a few minutes ago. You should hurry up its almost time for you to get to school." Said my mom. I finished up my breakfast and got the keys to my car and hurried out. The school wasn’t hard to find and the class population wasn’t that big for the school.

I pulled into the parking lot got my binder and pencil and pen and got out of my car and headed to the office to pick up my schedule. The ladies at the office all looked at me with a questionable gaze. I went up to the front desk.

"Um I'm Jack Frost the new transfer student" I say. The lady goes through some papers and pulls out two papers one is a map of the school the other is my schedule.

"There will be a girl who will help you around the school." she said as she directed her attention to the computer.

"Um how will I find her?" I asked.

"Oh don’t worry she'll find you." she said. Okay then well I guess its time for school.

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