Finally Found (niall horan)

Niall horan a homeless teen who's family has left,Sarah Devine a girl who lives by herself. What will happen when Sarah helps Niall and shows him that the world is different


5. Trust

Niall's POV

Liam handed me the bag of food "you didn't have to buy me this" I say "yeah but you must be hungry,Sarah told me every thing about you and I'm really sorry" "well thanks" I open the bag to reveal fries,chicken nuggets,and a hamburger. "And here is your drink I got you water" Liam said handing me a cup."thanks" no problem!"

Liam's POV

I really feel bad for him he has been by himself for three years. I am glad he his living with us cause winter is coming and I can't imagine him being cold he could die!

"Thank you Liam for getting him this" Sarah said

"No problem"

Niall's POV again

I think I can trust them they gave me food and a home to stay they are really nice and have a huge heart

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