Finally Found (niall horan)

Niall horan a homeless teen who's family has left,Sarah Devine a girl who lives by herself. What will happen when Sarah helps Niall and shows him that the world is different


3. Niall's story

Lunch time...

Sarah's P.O.V

As I sat down with Liam and Harry my two best friends I heard a scream,I turned around and saw Niall on the floor by a puddle of blood and Josh yelling at him oh no. Me Liam and Harry got up and ran towards Josh Liam helped Harry with Josh while I got Niall and rushed towards the bathroom,after I cleaned his head I helped him walk outside, "I'm going to go bring him to the hospital guys" "ok we will be their later" as I walked out I got a couple of stares by my "friends" I am popular so I knew they would judges later but I don't care all I care about is helping Niall,

Skip car ride

Niall was still crying from being pushed in a poll that made his head bleed

As I got in the hospital I told them what happened and we had a room

"Sarah can I tell you something" a voice said

I looked down at Niall and nodded. "I was a mistake to the world,my family left me 3 years ago and I don't have a house,I'm homeless and every day Josh and a couple of people go to an alley were I stay and beat me so why do I even live?" I was shocked at what he told me "Niall you have a reason to live,if you didn't you wouldn't be born" "Sarah why did you help me it's not like anybody cares about me." "Niall I care about you you." "You love me?"

Yes and I'm really sorry for what has happens with your life,and why don't you live with me Liam,and Harry." "I don't wanna be in the way, and why does Liam and Harry live with you?"

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