Finally Found (niall horan)

Niall horan a homeless teen who's family has left,Sarah Devine a girl who lives by herself. What will happen when Sarah helps Niall and shows him that the world is different


4. New Home and friends

Niall's P.O.V

I really don't wanna get in the way of Sarah and her friends but why did her friends live with her?

"My friends live with me cause the got kicked out of thier homes" "oh" I said now understanding but I can't get off the fact that Sarah said she loved me!! "Sarah is it true that you love me?" "Yes It's true" "i you too" after I said that Sarah's face came close to mine as I moved closer we kissed!!!! I had my first kiss with Sarah the love of my life!!!

Sarah's POV

I kissed him!! Once I pulled away the door opens and Harry Liam,and a kid I never met before was here.

"Sorry we are late we wanna introduce you to Louis we met him at the store and he just moved here" "hi Louis my name is Sarah and this is Niall" "and guys Niall is living with us now if you don't mind" "nope don't mind havering a new roommate is fun" Liam said "yup" agreed Harry "well is nice meeting you guys but I have to go pack in my new house see tall later" Louis said

"Bye" "oh and Niall I got you some food to eat here" Liam said handing Niall some McDonald's...

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