Finally Found (niall horan)

Niall horan a homeless teen who's family has left,Sarah Devine a girl who lives by herself. What will happen when Sarah helps Niall and shows him that the world is different


1. hurtful

Sarah's P.O.V

Today is the first day of school and I'm now in 9th grade,and I'm very popular.

As I go in the building of school I see josh bullying Niall ugh why can't he leave he leave home alone Niall never did anything to him,"Josh stop your hurting him!" "So he deserves it!" "Please stop!" "Fine!!!" Josh walked off finally "you didn't have to do that." A calm/scared Irish accent said "yeah I know but I wanted to,are you ok?" "Yeah I guess" then he walked off oh poor thing,I actually do have a little crush on Niall and I really feel bad for him he doesn't have any friends.

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