Finally Found (niall horan)

Niall horan a homeless teen who's family has left,Sarah Devine a girl who lives by herself. What will happen when Sarah helps Niall and shows him that the world is different


6. Home

Sarah's POV

It has been two weeks and the hospital let us go home but Niall still has the small hole in his head that is covered in blood but a bandage is wrapped around it. "Niall come on we are going to the mall to get you stuff" "what no you don't have to pay for me it's fine""come on it'll be fun" "fine" Niall finally agrees.


I walk to my car and hop in Niall does the same on the other side



As I get inside the mall Niall looks surprised by how big it is."come on we're going to hot topics.

Niall's POV

As we go in I saw a lot of shirts and jeans. "Go on look at anything you want"

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