Tour L.R.H

After Sam breaks up with her boyfriend her mom makes her go on tour with her brother. Will she find love or will she get her heart broken again. Read to find out


5. chapter 5

Sammy POV

Im so happy that Luke asked me out! He's been my crush since I met him 2 years ago. He's so sweet his smile makes me smile.

"Wanna watch a movie?" Luke asked

"Can we watch mean girls?" I asked.

"Duh" Luke said the started laughing. I giggled.

It was about 1 hour into the movie and I could feel my eyes getting heavy, so I put my jean on Luke's shoulder. He grabbed my hand while smiling. OMG his smile makes my heart melt!!! I soon fell asleep smiling.

Luke's POV

God Sammy looks so cute sleeping. I kissed the top of her head and she smiled.

"Goodnight princess " I whispered into her ear.

I was pretty tired so I fell asleep with Sam in my shoulder. This was the best night ever (so far)! I wanted to stay like this forever. I can't wait to take her on the date. Let's just say that I have something big planned! I hope Ashton isn't to mad.

A/n Sorry I haven't updated lately I stared school again and I have homework and apparently I'm expected to come out of my room and socialize. I hope you like this chapter. I'll try to update 1 or 2 times a week! Follow me on Instagram @spencer.pocha

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