Tour L.R.H

After Sam breaks up with her boyfriend her mom makes her go on tour with her brother. Will she find love or will she get her heart broken again. Read to find out


6. 0.6

Luke's POV

I woke up with Sammy in my arms. I looked at her, she looked so peaceful when she sleeps. All I could do is smile. I stayed like that for another hour or so until I heard Calum scream. As soon as that happened Sam woke up with a worried look on her face.

We both got up and saw Calum on the floor while Michael and Ashton were laughing their asses off.

"What's so funny?" I asked

"Calum fell out of his bunk" Michael managed to say in between laughs. Sam and I burst out laughing too. I know that some would think it wasn't funny. But it was. What made it even more funny is that Calum had the top bunk so he fell like 4 inches.

After a couple more minutes of laughing we all stopped. "You guys are all assholes" Calum said. He seemed kinda upset about something but I shook it off and went to get ready.


What the guys didn't know is that I have liked Sam for all these years. I just didn't have the guts to tell anyone. Last night I heard the entire conversation with Sam and Luke. After u heard what they said to each other I tried to shake it off by going to sleep, but that didn't help.

It was about 8 am and we were driving, then we came to a stop. So I of course had to fall out of my bunk! I screamed "FUCK" so loud I think China could hear it. Michael, Ashton, Luke and Sam came. They all had worried looks on their face. Then I couldn't believe what they did next. All 4 of them burst out laughing! I was on the floor until they all stopped laughing. I said "You guys are all assholes" after that I stormed off the bus. When I finally got out of the bus I noticed my nose was bleeding really bad. So I went to the nearest place that had a washroom. I ended up at a diner. I was starving my ass off! After I cleaned up my face I sat down at a table. I felt like such a loner but it was better then being on the bus.

Sam's POV

After Calum stormed out of the bus I noticed that there was blood on the floor. I didn't realize that Calum was bleeding! I feel so bad for laughing at him.

"Guys, do you see the blood to?" I asked

"Oh my god!" Ashton said. He always had a fear of blood so he looked like he was about to faint.

"We need to go find him NOW!" I exclaimed. All the boys nodded.

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