Tour L.R.H

After Sam breaks up with her boyfriend her mom makes her go on tour with her brother. Will she find love or will she get her heart broken again. Read to find out


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Sam's POV

It's been 4 days on tour. Luke and I have been hanging out a lot more lately, I'm happy about that but, Ashton has been distancing himself from me lately. I'm starting to think that he doesn't want me to be on tour with him, I mean this is his experience and I'm just tagging along. Luke says I have nothing to worry about 'cause he's just busy. I don't believe that at all 'cause we're always at an arena or on the bus. I'm starting to get worried so I decided to text Ashton.

Sam ~ Are you mad at me???😁

I waited 20 minutes for a reply, then I waited another 30 for a reply. I knew they went out to get Taco Belle but, usually Ashton answers right away. So I decided to call him. He didn't answer that either. The same thought was running trough my head ' Was it a mistake to come on tour '

I started to tear up. Then I thought that should just give the band some space because this is their time to shine.

Ashton's POV

I feel bad for ignoring Sam. But when I see her with Luke I get kinda mad because I know Luke is a player, and I know that he will brake her heart. And I know that Luke like her so he's being all flirty with her.

When I saw a hand wave in front of my face I snapped back to reality.

"Dude your phone keeps on buzzing" Michael says. When I look at it I see I have 2 missed calls and 5 missed texts. All from Sam.

I read the texts first

• Are you mad at me??

• hello?

• Why are you ignoring me?

• Sorry if I'm bothering you😔

• Sorry…

Then I listened to the voice message she left me.

' Hey Ash, It's Sam… Can you call me back I need to talk to you. Bye'

"Hey, are you okay mate?" Cal asked.

"Yeah I'm fine" I lied. I felt so bad for not answering I just got up from the table and went outside to call her. Sam answered after 2 rings

Sam: hi

Me: I need to say sorry for ignoring you. I just got mad when I saw you around Luke. I know you know that Luke is a player and I don't want you to get hurt like before. I swear I was only looking out for you. I hope you can forgive me.

Sam: thank you for the apology and I forgive you.

Me: well the guys and I are going back to the bus know so see us later.

Luke's POV

*skips drive back to bus*

Now is the time that in going to ask Sam out on a date. I've always liked her since the day Ashton introduced us. I know she thinks I'm a player, but I was only doing that because I couldn't have the girl I loved the most. I know Ashton's going to be mad. I don't care what he thinks, I love Sam and nothing can stop that!

Once we walked on the bus I got really nervous because this is the first girl I've liked more than Michael loves food and he likes food A LOT! I went to the back room to see if Sam was there. And lucky for me she was. I went and sat next to her.

"Ummm… Sammy can I ask you something?" I asked nervously

Sam's POV

"Ummm… Sammy can I ask you something?" Luke asked while scratching the back of his neck.


"I know you think I'm a player but I'm not. The only reason I was doing that is because I couldn't have the girl I really really liked. Because she had a boyfriend. Well what I'm trying to say is Sammy will you go on a date with me?" Luke asked. I was smiling the entire time he was talking. I really do like Luke, more than just friends.

" I would love to go on a date with you Lucas" I could feel the year rushing to my face.

I was so so happy that he asked me! But I'm kinda worried about what Ashton's going to thinks about this, I'll worry about that later 'cause I'm to busy being happy!!!!

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