Hyena Child

In the hot, wandering wilderness of Africa, we find Naieesha, a twelve year old girl who has been raised by a pack of hyena's her entire life.
When Thomas Walters, a man on safari, discovers this girl, he captures her and brings her home to his wealthy family in New York.
Things aren't always what they seem.
Lost and alone, Naieesha's behaviour is intolerable. She fights, eats with her hands, and will do anything to get back home to her beloved pack. Both her and The Walter's family are at their wits end. Can Lena Van Helsing, a teacher for the deaf and misunderstood, step in and save the day?


26. Chapter XXVI - Miss Lena's Perspective

It is ten o'clock PM.

Naieesha has been missing for the last twelve hours. Mr Walters sent out a couple policeman to search for her, but with no luck. They will try again at dawn.

We are all restless. No one can sleep. Not even Mrs Walters or the boys. Tommy and James seemed to have a grown likeness toward Naieesha.

Horrid thoughts are racing through my mind, along with blame and regret. "I should have known better than to show Naieesha that toy. How could I have been so foolish?! Something like that should set off terrible homesickness and make her run away. She doesn't feel safe. Nor loved. Not anymore.

My harsh self-words are interrupted by wrenching sobs. Had Naieesha's disappearance upset the children that badly? I glanced across the dining room table. It was Tommy or James, crying, though, but Mrs Walters. Such a sudden change of heart. 

Mr Walters put his arms around her as she continued to cry. Then was able to choke out a few words,

"I-I did love that little child. I was afraid to accept her. My hurt for Lucy is still so vivid, I was not ready to accept another daughter, oh please believe me!!!"

Her hysterics were quite dramatic and annoying, but perhaps when Naieesha returned all would be well.

If only she would just come home.

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