Hyena Child

In the hot, wandering wilderness of Africa, we find Naieesha, a twelve year old girl who has been raised by a pack of hyena's her entire life.
When Thomas Walters, a man on safari, discovers this girl, he captures her and brings her home to his wealthy family in New York.
Things aren't always what they seem.
Lost and alone, Naieesha's behaviour is intolerable. She fights, eats with her hands, and will do anything to get back home to her beloved pack. Both her and The Walter's family are at their wits end. Can Lena Van Helsing, a teacher for the deaf and misunderstood, step in and save the day?


29. Chapter XXIX - Miss Lena's Perspective

It's been twenty four hours.

No one has slept a wink. The police found nothing. Mr Walters is going out to look for Naieesha now.

"Why don't you go upstairs, and rest, Miss Van Helsing?"

I want to be awake to hear Naieesha come home, but the idea of a soft, warm bed sounds awfully inviting.

I nod and start to trudge up the long, shiny staircase.

Suddenly, I hear the door burst open and slam shut again. "Teacher!" "Teacher!"

Naieesha! Naieesha is home!

Everyone rushed towards the doorway and welcomed the little girl back with open arms.

Mr and Mrs Thomas were sobbing happily.

"I'm so sorry, Naieesha," sniffed Mrs Thomas, "Can you ever forgive me?" 

Naieesha smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

I notice an old woman standing in the doorway. She quietly steps into the house, and Naieesha rushes to her side.

​Mr. Thomas looked at her questionably. "Can I help you, ma'm?"

The woman smiled shyly. "Ma name is Natalia Cabada," she spoke with a Southern accent, "I am Naieesha's grandmother.

A look of confusion passes through the whole room.

All of us looked at Naieesha. She was smiling broadly, and simply said,



After a long, confusing story, Mrs Cabada was able to tell us that she truly is Naieesha's grandmother, and they were going back to Kenya as soon as they could. Together. 

Mrs Walters stood up angrily. "No!" "I won't allow it!" "She is my daughter!"

​"Ma'm, I assure you, I will do everythin' I can to provide for Naieesha-"

"No!" "I won't let you take her!" 

Now it was Mr Walters turn to get angry. 

"Elizabeth!" Get a hold of yourself!"

"Thomas, she is robbing us..."

"No!" "Naieesha is not our daughter!" "She never was!"


​Mr Walters sighed. "At first, yes, I thought she would heal our pain." "That she would become part of this family." "But deep down in my heart I knew Naieesha would be found one day." "What child doesn't have someone to love them?"

Mrs Walters quieted down. Mr Walters stroked her hair.

"I ask you, Elizabeth, let her go."

"Just let her go."


I helped Naieesha get ready. She wore a frilly yellow gown with a straw hat and yellow ribbons to match. She was carrying a suitcase. Not much to take home, just a few gowns, a nightgown - and the hyena stuffed toy. 

Natalia is waiting for her and the bottom of the stairs. Naieesha gives me a quick hug goodbye. I don't want to let go. 

"Thank you," she whispers.

​I kiss her on the cheek and watch her go.

She is where she belongs.


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