Hyena Child

In the hot, wandering wilderness of Africa, we find Naieesha, a twelve year old girl who has been raised by a pack of hyena's her entire life.
When Thomas Walters, a man on safari, discovers this girl, he captures her and brings her home to his wealthy family in New York.
Things aren't always what they seem.
Lost and alone, Naieesha's behaviour is intolerable. She fights, eats with her hands, and will do anything to get back home to her beloved pack. Both her and The Walter's family are at their wits end. Can Lena Van Helsing, a teacher for the deaf and misunderstood, step in and save the day?


14. Chapter XIV - Thomas' Perspective

I am at my wits end.

We all are.

It has been weeks, and Naieesha's behaviour has still not improved. Her tantrums grow worse every day. She refuses to eat with a fork. She cries all night, sleeps late, but still wakes up exhausted. 

She doesn't bathe, but I don't blame her for that. Brigitta scared her half to death, holding her head under water like she did. I only learned of that three days ago, otherwise I would have released her sooner.

Has my home been cursed?

My family is broken. Both my boys and my wife avoid Naieesha, and I, altogether.

I miss my Lucy. My dear sweet Lucy. 

I only know of one person who would be able to help us now.

Miss Lena Van Helsing.

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