Hyena Child

In the hot, wandering wilderness of Africa, we find Naieesha, a twelve year old girl who has been raised by a pack of hyena's her entire life.
When Thomas Walters, a man on safari, discovers this girl, he captures her and brings her home to his wealthy family in New York.
Things aren't always what they seem.
Lost and alone, Naieesha's behaviour is intolerable. She fights, eats with her hands, and will do anything to get back home to her beloved pack. Both her and The Walter's family are at their wits end. Can Lena Van Helsing, a teacher for the deaf and misunderstood, step in and save the day?


9. Chapter IX - Naieesha's Perspective

The strange human dressed like a swan has lead me to an even stranger den.

It has a white hole in the ground - what is it for.

Before me is a small watering hole.

Water. Buffalos. Head to head fighting.

I'm not going in there.

The human swan releases me from the spiders web, and urges me to step into the watering hole. I shake my head vigorously and grunt loudly.

The human swan makes a sound - the sort I make when I beg for Kaiani's attention.

Pups do that.  Not humans.  

At the end of the whining sound comes the hissing of a snake. SSS.

What does that mean.

When I refuse again, the human swan picks me up and places me into the watering hole. Immediately I fling back, spraying some water in her face. I do not want to fight with a water buffalo today.

The human swan takes ahold of my head and shoves under the water. Now I know she is trying to drown me, but no water buffalo or vicious piranha appears.

When I am let back up, I find myself gasping for air. I shake my head. The water clenched in my wet mane sprays the human swan. She takes me under again.

I'm going to die.

Finally, the human swan lets me up after one more dunk.

I stand up on two of my paws, giving the human swan the most meanest glare and scowl. She puffs out like a blowfish and helps me out of the watering hole, wrapping me in a strange, thick rabbits fur. Then she rushes out of the den and returns with another fur, sleek and thin, like an elephant's tusk, but soft, like baby birds feathers. The swan woman slips me into it and leads me to another den.  It is dark, so this must be where the humans sleep. I prefer a sleeping rock.

Only there is no rock. Just a very, flat, soft surface covered in even softer furs. I climb in, and pat the other side for the human swan to join me.

She shakes her head and closes the den entrance. There is no light and I am alone. No Azubuike.  No Kaiani. No pups. 

I fly into a fit of snarls and loud crying, kicking the flat surface until the furs are pushed off. This goes on for hours, and no one seems to hear. Suddenly a wave of exhaustion takes over my entire body.

I fall into an unpleasant slumber.


When I sleep, I dream of home. The glorious sunrise setting the entire sky on fire. All of the pack sitting on a gorge and baying at the yellow moon, with wildebeests trampling below.

I am playing with the pups. I am hunting with Azubuike. I stumble behind him and whimper. He nuzzles my head and licks my mane. He was always looking out for me. And now -  

I awake. No sunrise. No wildebeests.  No Azubuike.  But now he is truly gone. He is not coming back.

How will I get home.

I whimper and cry all night, for I am alone.

Someone take me home.



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