Saved By Him [L.H]

He saved me from


I've been enslaved by his love without even realizing it.


6. Chapter 6

Luke's POV

There's something wrong with Zachary. How can someone just change in a couple days? It doesn't happen unless if somethings going on behind it.

I parked the bike in the garage and walked inside to see the guys in the living room.

"Lukey!" Michael yelled almost knocking me over.

"Ew! Get off of me!"

"Oh why! I just missed my Luke!" He teased while pinching my cheeks a little too hard.

"Leave him alone Michael." Ashton gigged. He finally left me alone and I sat on the couch.

"Where were you?" Calum said popping open a soda can.

"To visit a friend." I said as Ashton clears his throat. I turn my head to him to see him desperately smiling. I shot him the 'You better not say nothing' look and he shook his head.

"Cmon Ash. Just tell us." Mike said.

"It won't hurt to tell them Luke." Ashton said.

"Tell us Luke!" I let out a sigh.

"I met a girl and I like her..." I mumbled.


"I met a girl and I like her." I said kinda mumbled but they still could hear.

"Lucas. Spit it out." Michael demanded.

"Don't call me by my full name!"

"Well say it!"

"I met a girl and I like her! There I said it."

"Aww! Lukey has a crushy!" Michael said while clapping his hands.

"Can you stop calling me that?"


"So what's her name?" Calum asked.

"I'm not telling you that. You guys have heard enough already." I said getting up to go the kitchen.

"How come you only told Ashton?" Calum pouted.

"Because I trust him."

"You don't trust me?"

"No Calum. I don't."

"Well I don't trust you either." He said sticking out his tongue.

Hey guys! I feel pretty bad bc it's short but I'm trying to sneak things in. Thanks for keeping up and reading! I'll try my best to update. Love you!

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